• LaBounty expands MSD Legend Series shears, adds next generation telematics technology

    LaBounty expands MSD Legend Series shears, adds next generation telematics technology

    PORTLAND, ORSTANLEY Infrastructure, the premiere partner for industrial tools and attachments, announced that LaBounty is expanding its latest line of mobile scrap shears, the MSD Legend Series. Starting April 2020, LaBounty will begin rolling out four new Legend models, the MSD4000R, MSD4500R, MSD2000 and MSD1500R, adding to its line of existing models, the MSD2250R, MSD2500R, and MSD3000R. New shears are equipped with InSite™, which provides real-time data to optimize shear performance and productivity.

    Maximizing productivity and uptime, the MSD Legend Series reinforces LaBounty’s position as a pioneer in the scrap recycling and demolition industries. Legend Series shears are equipped with the industry’s only full-protection, indexable piercing tip, Dual Max™ Indexable Protection, defending the shear from wear and preventing maintenance and downtime. Enhanced jaw geometry offers up to 10% more cutting force than LaBounty’s previous shear offering.

    Another industry first, InSite™ is an advanced telematics platform that provides actionable information about the shears’ condition and activity, such as job tracking, jobsite mapping, and remote diagnostics. With the InSite™ app, available for iOS and Android, users have access to valuable information that helps customers optimize shear performance.

    Additional product details include:
    • Full 360-degree rotation with improved balance, which reduces attachment drift and increases operation stability
    • An enhanced and more durable lower jaw
    • Long-lasting index blades with intuitive patterns for 4-way indexable cutting
    • Wear bar protectors for maintaining heavy wear surfaces

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