• Kryton International launches Hard-Cem®

    LAS VEGAS, NV — Vancouver based Kryton International Inc. recently launched Hard-Cem®, a game-changing concrete hardening admixture.

    Forty years ago, Kryton first revolutionized the concrete waterproofing industry with the introduction of Krystol® technology. Kryton is yet again introducing a disruptive innovation in the construction industry.

    Hard-Cem is an integral hardening admixture used to increase abrasion and erosion resistance of concrete. Its unique technology extends concrete wear life up to 6 times, overcomes deficiencies of surface-applied hardeners and allows usage in horizontal, vertical or inclined concrete and shotcrete surfaces.

    Kryton is launching Hard-Cem under its lineup of Smart Concrete® solutions through its distribution network. Kryton’s Smart Concrete solutions help eliminate the need for expensive repairs and replacements by substantially increasing the service life of infrastructure and buildings.

    “Hard-Cem extends our product offerings in integral concrete durability, erosion and abrasion protection. We intend to be a go-to solutions provider to an industry that is increasingly concerned about protecting and extending the lifespan of concrete structures” said Kari Yuers, President and CEO of Kryton.

    “Hard-Cem overcomes the performance issues, practical constraints and safety concerns of existing hardening strategies while actually costing much less,” stated Kevin Yuers, Vice President of Product Development at Kryton.

    Distribution channel agreements and partnerships are underway. For more information, contact kryton.com.

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