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Komptech Topturn x4500: Red Dot Award winner

The new Topturn X4500 honored for its product design.

Late last year, Komptech introduced the Topturn X4500, the smallest compost turner in their product line. Komptech built the Topturn X4500 with the same pioneering design, and high-performance qualities of their larger models. Komptech has recently been recognized and awarded the Red Dot Award for product design.

Statement by Red Dot, “Its concisely formed, sturdy frame gives the Topturn X4500 an autonomous appearance; it also impresses with extremely functional detail solutions, for example, the retractable cabin.”

Komptech has been a leading manufacturer in the industry since 1992. Their product range includes over 30 different machines, for waste handling, including high torque shredders, windrow turners, star screens, trommel screens, wind-sifters, and separation technology.


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