Komatsu America’s new HD785-8 off-highway truck with high horsepower

Komatsu America’s new HD785-8 off-highway truck with high horsepower

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL — Komatsu America’s new HD785-8 rigid frame off-highway haul truck with a Tier 4 Komatsu SAA12V140E-7 engine has the highest in class net horsepower (1,140 HP) in North America. With a payload capacity of 101.6 U.S. (short) / 92.2 metric tons, it’s built for mining, quarry and aggregates.

“The HD785-8 has excellent travel performance on-grade and wet multiple disc brakes on all four wheels provide great downhill brake retarding performance,” said Robert Hussey, product marketing manager, Komatsu America. “The HD785-8 delivers fast acceleration out of the pit and the new cab keeps operators comfortable during long shifts, resulting in high production per hour.”

With a tight turning radius of 33’ 2”, the HD785-8 provides exceptional maneuverability when spotting to be loaded and positioning to dump. The Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS) is standard on the HD785-8. KTCS automatically applies pressure to independent brake assemblies for optimum traction in various ground conditions without the need for differential lock-up, so steering performance is not compromised.

KomVision all-around machine monitoring system provides the operator with a bird’s-eye view of the working area on a dedicated monitor in the dash (separate monitor from the rearview monitoring system).

The HD785-8 has a 7-speed, fully automatic transmission with two selectable reverse speeds. The Komatsu advanced transmission with optimum modulation control system (K-ATOMiCS) ensures smooth clutch engagement for a comfortable ride and reduced material spillage.

The automatic retard speed control (ARSC) automatically maintains a selected downhill travel speed (rather than engine RPM) to let operators keep their focus on the haul road.

Other features include:
• Standard diagonal access stairway provides easy access to cab and deck.
• Additional ladders with gates and handrails on the right-hand and left-hand side provide secondary egress.
• LED lighting package provides excellent visibility in various working conditions.
• The Tier 4 Final after treatment solutions utilizes dual Komatsu diesel particulate filters – most regeneration is performed passively, with no action required of the operator and no interference with machine operation.
• No SCR, therefore DEF is not a required consumable fluid.
• Auto Idle Shutdown helps reduce unnecessary idle time and lowers operating cost.

In-cab enhancements/features
• New air-suspension, heated and ventilated operator seat and upgraded trainer seat provide a comfortable ride.
• KOMTRAX Plus telematics system and upgraded machine monitor provide key machine metrics for utilization, production and machine health.
• Rearview monitoring system located on a dedicated monitor in the upper right-hand corner of the cab.
• Auto Idle Setting System (AISS) adjusts engine idle speed based on coolant temperature for reduced machine warm-up time.

Maintenance features
• Anchored tie off points (ISO 14567) around the machine provide technicians a location to attach service lanyards.
• Centralized arrangement of filters, grease points and fast fuel fill coupler.
• Ground level battery isolator, starter isolator and machine immobilization switch.
• Ground level service center and jump start receptacle.

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