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Kleemann | Optimum processes and good consultation for more sustainability

With intelligently used technology and extensive planning, Kleemann optimizes all process sequences in the quarry. The machine components and outputs are tuned to one another and thus guarantee less material and fuel consumption.

Technical innovations and good planning guarantee efficient processes and thus less material and fuel consumption

Many quarriers or recycling companies wish for plants that can be operated economically, but also as sustainable and emission-free as possible. Kleemann here counts on innovative technical solutions and comprehensive consultation with the customers.

Intelligent technology optimizes the processes

The technical solutions related to process optimization include precise regulating instruments such as the innovative Continuous Feed System (CFS). It ensures that the feed material at the crushers is always conveyed with maximum efficiency through the machines. The fill level of the crushing chamber is monitored continuously and the feed is adapted to the process. This optimized process ensures that material wear is as low as possible. Furthermore, the fuel consumption is also reduced – both of which are good for the environment.

The CFS feed control guarantees a trouble-free process. The system checks that the feed material at the crushers is always conveyed with maximum efficiency through the machines.

Just as important: Efficient, trouble-free processes

The Continuous Feed System (CFS) is an example of how the complete process can be optimized by intelligent technology. Technical innovations, however, are only building blocks. Good planning of a plant train is just as important, if not more. Technical innovations can only fully demonstrate their strengths when all components closely mesh with one another.

Good tuning is indispensable

To work effectively and thus in a resource-conserving manner, the plant must be neither too small nor over-dimensioned. The selection of the crushing plants with the matching crushing tools is thus decisive, and the screening plants – equipped with the ideal screening media – must be well tuned to the process. Stockpile

Based on their expertise and extensive practical experience, the Kleemann application and process technicians are important contact partners in the company when this involves the new and further development of machines.

conveyors that offer a capacity that matches the complete plant must be provided and consideration of the capacity of the loading device belongs to the overall process.

If machines are set accordingly, the power consumption can be reduced many times over. A process optimized in this manner also means that wear is reduced to an absolute minimum. This is also an important point because if components wear quickly, new components have to be produced with a high material and energy input. Avoidance of unnecessary wear therefore not only help saves money, but also reduces CO₂ emissions to a considerable extent.

Application consultancy guarantees efficient solutions

In this area, Kleemann relies on comprehensive consultation with the customers. Application advisers plan all processes in advance. In the case of extensive processes, a flow chart (AggFlow) is prepared with which the material flow can be simulated in detail. The consultation covers technical solutions but also information on how processes can be better organized. The custom-fit engineering of a plant train requires good planning software, but also a lot of experience and sure instinct. Kleemann therefore relies on technical solutions and support from experienced application technicians.


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