IROCK adds rinser to it’s 22-foot screener

VALLEY VIEW, OHIO — IROCK Crushers, a leader in global sales of mobile crushing and screening equipment, has redesigned its TS-522 TDR track portable screening plant to include a rinser. The portable unit gives mines and quarries the convenience to screen and wash materials, such as aggregates, simultaneously for end-use applications, including concrete and asphalt production.

The machine sorts and washes as many as three sized and one oversized products at once, making it suitable for medium- to large-scale operations.

The unit processes 200 to 300 tph and features three decks with nine spray bars along the top deck and eight each on the middle and bottom decks. The spray bars’ durable brass heads deliver 25 psi of water pressure each to efficiently and effectively remove dirt and debris from material. Technicians can rotate the spray bars to change the angle that the water hits the material, which can be done to help hold aggregates on the screen longer or force it through the screen media.

IROCK designed the TS-522 TDR to also include a rinse box at the top of the unit that features two additional spray bars. The spray bars pre-soak material to facilitate faster and easier removal of tough mud and clay as material reaches the screen decks.

The rinser’s 14-foot wide hopper holds as much as 12-cubic-yards of material. This provides ample space to accommodate a large amount of aggregates, resulting in optimal production rates. The unit’s 320-square-feet of screening area further contributes to the machine’s high output while the two 22- x 5-foot decks and 20- x 5-foot bottom deck media can be changed, giving customers full control over end-product size.

The TS-522 TDR’s catch box can be lined with IROCK’s optional wear resistant rubber to withstand the abrasiveness of sand and water as it’s captured during the screening process. The rubber liner can last several years, saving owners thousands in catch box repair and IROCK offers convenient 24 hour online parts lookup and ordering, fast delivery and live service support 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST.

For more information: IROCK Crushers, 5531 Canal Rd., Valley View, Ohio 44125. Call 866-240-0201, fax 440-735-4974, email or visit

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