• Introducing the SENNEBOGEN port mobile crane 9300 E

    The new mobile harbor crane 9300 E provides an interesting solution for many ports as its performance data covers a broad spectrum of uses. With a working radius of approx. 131 feet the crane handles vessel sizes up to Panamax class for bulk handling and feeder ships as well as standard vessels for Containers. At the same time it provides an attractive solution for heavy cargo and general cargo with 90-ton load capacity with almost 66 feet jib working radius.

    Impressive performance data

    While developing the port crane great attention was paid to achieving high performance with maximum working radius. With almost 31-ton load capacity and 131-foot range the 9300 E offers port operators a high lifting capacity using the total work area. This not only leads to greater performance in bulk handling but also in container handling as the crane reaches up to two rows further than comparable devices on the market.

    Innovative drives

    The drive designs are innovative and versatile — standard characteristics of SENNEBOGEN. In addition to the diesel-hydraulic drive with fuel-saving Green Efficiency technology there is also the option of an innovative electro-hydraulic drive, which can also reduce the operating costs by up to 50 percent in addition to emission-free operation. In both drive variations the powerful winches achieve the high lifting speed of 328 feet/min.

    Globally unique: Cab adjustment for port mobile crane

    With an eye height of 69 feet 6-inches, the driver of the 9300 E has a perfect overview from his comfortable and roomy Portcab. The access ladder is even more comfortable in design as the driver already climbs approximately 30 feet into his cab and thanks to the Skylift 1100 cab adjustment he reaches his ideal working height. This unique solution with regards to port mobile cranes defines a new standard for a comfortable and safe access to the operator’s workplace.

    Furthermore, the operator notes another advantage: for operating the crane in the port area the driver remains in the lower working position at approx. 30-feet. Here, on the one hand, he is close enough to the undercarriage to safely maneuver and, on the other hand, in this cab position he has the best and uninterrupted view of all paths. Another cab near the ground for operating safely in the port area is thus unnecessary.

    Another plus: with the flexible system the crane driver can work in any individual height and position himself perfectly for each vessel. The cab can be safely exited at any time using the emergency release and emergency route.

    Steady and robust undercarriage with low ground pressure

    With the star undercarriage the 9300 E is still compact to operate as it stands firmly on an outrigger area of 37-feet 8-inches x 37-feet 8-inches thanks to the outriggers that fold out. The machine gets the necessary maneuverability from the single suspension of the 14 wheel sets with all-wheel steering. The sturdy steering is easy to control thanks to a mechanical coupling and leads to maximum reliability and availability. The 14 wheel sets distribute the load of the almost 300 ton machine using the individual load balance of all wheel sets at the same time on the ground — effectively compensating for bumps in the ground. The 9300 E achieves a low ground pressure in operation using the four very large base plates at the outriggers.

    Individual project plans

    In addition to the mobile undercarriage, other undercarriage designs are possible — as with the SENNEBOGEN material handlers and balancers. This includes solutions with portals, rail undercarriages as well as mobile or stationary solutions on a pontoon. SENNEBOGEN has shown a great strength for many decades in customer-specific solutions and in particular in ports.

    The announcement by the crane manufacturer from Straubing in March 2017 to launch an innovative port mobile crane with the 9300 E generated great interest with specific requests from different regions, which are currently being processed. The machine’s official launch took place during transport logistic (May 9-12, 2017) in Munich.

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