• In the context of COVID-19, Manitou’s Board of Directors has decided not to propose the payment of a dividend for the year 2019

    In the context of COVID-19, Manitou’s Board of Directors has decided not to propose the payment of a dividend for the year 2019


    In the exceptional context of the Covid-19 crisis, the Board of Directors met today to take the following decisions:

    Withdrawal of a dividend payment proposal

    The Board decided to withdraw its proposal of a dividend payment of €0.78 per share as initially announced when the 2019 annual results were published on March 3.

    The Board of Directors may, after October 1 and subject to the context, call a Shareholders’ Meeting in order to proceed with a reserve distribution for its shareholders, replacing the dividend.

    Terms and conditions of the Annual General Meeting behind closed doors

    In the context of the traffic restrictions and containment measures imposed by the government, the Board has decided to call its next Combined General Meeting (ordinary and extraordinary) on June 18, 2020 without the physical presence of its shareholders, to be held at the Company’s registered office, headquartered in Ancenis-Saint Géréon, 430 rue de l’Aubinière, without the shareholders and other persons entitled to attend being present, either physically or by telephone or audiovisual conference.

    In this context, shareholders will be informed of these Meeting terms and conditions as part of the notice prior to the Meeting, including the agenda of the Meeting, the text of the resolutions submitted for the Meeting’s approval and the main participation and voting terms and conditions, which will be published within the regulatory timeframe in the Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires (BALO).

    Given that shareholders are not entitled to attend the Meeting in person or to be physically represented at the Meeting, they may only vote by mail or give a proxy to the Chairman by mail using the form provided for this purpose. The procedures for voting by proxy will be adapted in accordance with the regulatory provisions that have just been published.

    Shareholders are invited to regularly visit the section dedicated to the Shareholders’ Meeting on the Company’s website: www.manitou-group.com (under the investors’ section), which will be updated to take into account any regulatory changes and/or recommendations of the Autorité des marchés financiers (financial market authority) that may occur prior to the Shareholders’ Meeting. Voting forms will be sent to registered shareholders along with the notice of meeting and will be posted on the website along with the documentation relating to the General Meeting, within the legal deadlines.

    Exceptionally, in view of the fact that shareholders will not be able to ask oral questions or propose amendments or new resolutions during the General Meeting, the Company has decided to accept to receive and handle shareholders’ written questions sent by e-mail to ag2020@manitou-group.com with the certificate of account registration, after the regulatory deadline, until 16 June 2020 08:00 (Paris time).

    The Company will respond to these questions in the minutes of its Meeting, which will be published on its website in the “Shareholders’ Meetings” section.

    The Shareholders’ Meeting of 18 June 2020 at 10:00 a.m. (Paris time) will be video recorded and will be available (in French only) after the meeting on the Company’s website in the “Shareholders’ Meetings” section.

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