• Importance of weighbridges in the quarry and mining industry

    Importance of weighbridges in the quarry and mining industry

    One cannot emphasize the importance of accurate weighing in the mining and quarry industry. Weighing solutions such as portable truck scales play a key role in various processes such as extraction, loading, processing, transportation and distribution of materials. Let us look at some of the weighing solutions you can incorporate for efficiency.

    • Weighbridges and multi-deck weighbridges

    They are ideal for weighing heavy road vehicles, rail wagons, etc. Multi-deck weighbridges are important in sites that weigh multiple trailers and axle groups. Each deck has its own digital weight indicator. A summing unit is used to display the total weight.

    • Axle weighers

    An economical alternative to full-length weighbridges, axle weighers weigh a single axle at a time and accumulate the axle weights to derive a total vehicle weight.

    • Wheel weighers

    These are also an economical alternative to full-length weighbridges and axle weighers. You can relocate them whenever you want but you need a flat, solid and level surface to seat them.

    • Belt weighers

    Apart from being an alternative to weighbridges, they also complement them perfectly. They are best for stock control and quite accurate subject to the site conditions.

    • Weigh Bins and Hoppers

    Weigh bins, hoppers and weigh silos are ideal if you manage a large range of products while they are being stored on site. You can retrofit most hoppers with a weighing system.

    • End loader scales

    They are ideal for weighing product at the point of loading. While they will only give you an approximate weight, you get the benefit of the vehicles being loaded more accurately, which eliminates reloading.

    • Onboard vehicle weighing

    These scales give an accurate overall load readings and accurate axle loads at the same time, which provides greater driver safety and eliminates axle overloading fines.

    More about Weighbridges

    Made of steel or concrete, weighbridges are either mounted at the surface, with the weighing equipment below or they can be pit mounted with the weighing devices in the pit.

    Load cells measure the weight of the load on weighbridge truck scales. They convert a small change in resistance into an electrical signal. Once this conversion is done, the signal is filtered and calibrated, after which the indicator displays it digitally.

    Some weighbridges may use different types of technology and some truck scale suppliers offer a complete array of weighbridge scales for sale.

    3 Main Advantages of Weighbridges

    There are numerous advantages of using weighbridges and truck scales for quarries and mining. Some of them include:

    • Ability handle high volume of materials and efficiently weigh thousands of tons
    • They provide accurate and consistent readings
    • They are quite durable and can withstand tough mining conditions

    Technological Developments in Weighbridges

    Conventional weighbridges were large, difficult to operate and inconvenient to use at times. However, they were quickly replaced with advanced weighing and scanning technologies, making them easier to use. High accuracy and efficiency are the key factors to look out for when you choose heavy-duty weighing scales.

    Frequent calibration and maintenance services were required for traditional scales. Due to this, they could not produce a high level of accuracy and throughput. However, load volume scanners, portable and on-board truck scales offer you the best services.

    Service and Support

    Do not underestimate the importance of service and support for weighbridges, especially when they are installed in harsh conditions. New technologies allow better and optimized servicing, which proves useful at remote unmanned sites.

    Daily operations and processes will be severely impacted if there is any kind of equipment breakdown, which makes troubleshooting and servicing even more critical. Determine the frequency of servicing required and if you can minimize costs. Do not wait for the equipment to breakdown to start fixing it. Preventive maintenance will help in ensuring that the weighbridges run smoothly and accurately at all times.

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