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iCraneTrax provides telematics interface for Manitowoc CraneSTAR customers

FERNANDINA BEACH, FL — A1A Software LLC, developer of iCraneTrax, and Manitowoc CraneSTAR announce that Manitowoc’s crane asset management system will now interface through iCraneTrax. “iCraneTrax provides an improved user experience. It’s faster, better organized, and designed for easy navigation,” said John Alexander, director, GMK Service, and Mobile Training & Telematics for Manitowoc.

“CraneSTAR’s website was first developed in 2010. Rather than updating our legacy sites, we selected iCraneTrax, an externally supported application that was developed specifically for crane fleet management,” said Alexander. iCraneTrax replaces Manitowoc’s legacy website and the CraneSTAR Express website.

“We are pleased to be able to offer Grove and Manitowoc crane owners with efficient tools for monitoring and managing their crane fleets,” said Tawnia Weiss, president of A1A Software. Among the enhanced features CraneSTAR customers can use are automatic report generation and delivery, and maintenance logs and alerts. “Automating alerts based on actual equipment usage is an efficient way for fleet managers to be proactive with upcoming maintenance items or for designated personnel to receive real time notification enabling faster corrective action,” said Weiss.

iCraneTrax provides the structure for as much as 75 percent more data points being captured by CraneSTAR to be accessible to fleet managers. One of those new data points is the ability to view specific engine performance data via the J1939 connection on properly configured cranes.

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