Hummerbee adds new Compact Articulated Loader to its line of Rough Terrain Equipment

Hummerbee adds new Compact Articulated Loader to its line of Rough Terrain Equipment

EDMORE, MI – Hummerbee has announced that they will soon be releasing their newest rough terrain machine, the 721R telescopic, compact articulated loader, and is actively taking preorders now. The first loaders are expected to deliver during Q4 2021.

Founded in 1986 as A&O Forklift – now doing business as Hummerbee Rough Terrain Equipment – the company has been the leading US manufacturer of dependable, easy-to-operate, 4-wheel drive articulated forklifts for the global beekeeping industry. For decades, Hummerbee rough terrain forklifts have exceeded the demand for a durable, reliable machine to transport beehives efficiently and safely through fields and orchards for crop pollination, food production, and honey production around the world.

“Recognizing the market need for a heavy-duty, US-made compact articulated loader, it was a natural progression for Hummerbee to fill that niche. Our decades of experience in engineering and building rough terrain machines makes us uniquely positioned to expand into the compact loader market, building on the foundation of our excellent reputation for producing a durable, reliable machine. Pound for pound, we are confident this machine out-performs a comparable size skid steer wheel loader,” says Brian Kulling, President of Hummerbee.

The Hummerbee 721R aims to be a cost-effective, more accessible, and heavier-duty player in the fast-growing compact wheel loader market, serving a multitude of different industries. The first model of the Hummerbee compact loader fills a gap between mini wheel loaders and larger skid steers and wheel loaders, with more power and versatility than a compact tractor. Manufactured in Michigan, the Hummerbee is designed and engineered to perform a wide variety of tasks in many different industries, including construction, tree service, agriculture, dairy and livestock farming, landscaping, forestry, and municipality maintenance.

This 4-wheel drive, compact articulated loader is powered by a class-leading Tier 4 Final, 74 hp Kohler turbo diesel engine. The 2-speed hydrostatic transmission with on-the-fly shifting provides a fast, 14 mph top speed, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity. The intuitive joystick controls, forward/reverse rocker foot pedal, and conventional steering wheel make the Hummerbee easy to control and operate, drastically reducing the training time for novice users. The operator control panel features easy-to-read digital gauges and status displays.

The 10-foot telescopic, dual-arm boom is designed to prevent load twisting, and is stable, and strong enough to handle even the biggest tasks. Hummerbee’s Load Cushioning technology keeps heavy loads level and steady while traveling to prevent excessive material spillage. With an auxiliary hydraulic oil flow of 21 gpm, the Hummerbee can operate virtually any hydraulic attachment you need. Equipped with a universal, skid steer style tool mounting plate and remote hydraulic tool locking system, switching from one task to the next is fast, safe, and easy. Fabricated from top to bottom with high-grade US steel, the Hummerbee can take a beating without cracking or breaking the body panels.

Articulated steering makes this machine easy to maneuver in tight spaces with minimal turf disturbance. Rear-chassis seating provides intuitive machine control and reverse mobility. An oscillating trunnion drive rear axle creates additional stability and traction by keeping all 4 tires securely on the ground while traveling over rough, uneven terrain. To suit specific traction and application requirements, wide turf tires, high flotation construction tires, and rugged R4 tires are standard options on the Hummerbee. The tires are foam-filled to prevent flats under any surface conditions. A front and rear LED light package also comes standard on the Hummerbee. The spacious ROPS and seating area provide plenty of arm, leg, and head room for any size operator, making it fast and easy to enter and exit the machine; and 360-degree visibility lets you keep an eye on your load while safely and confidently navigating a busy jobsite. An operator cab is in the works for fall 2021.









Length: 121”

Width: 55”

Height: 92”

Weight: 7,502 lbs.

Tipping Load: 4,500 lbs.

Lifting Height (Full Extension): 120”

Top Speed: 14 mph – High, 7 mph – Low

Turning Radius: 56”

Fuel Capacity: 12 gal

Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 12 gal

Auxiliary Hydraulic Oil Flow: 21 gpm

For more information on the Hummerbee Compact Articulated Loader; to place an order; or to inquire about becoming a dealer, please call 800.943.8677 or visit:

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