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Highly sophisticated technology for crushing and screening

Rockster Recycler Austria sets benchma010rks in crushing and screening technologies and expands the consisting business on the U.S. market.
Headquarter with R&D Centre in Austria
On a total area of nearly 10.000 m2 Rockster has its headquarters in Ennsdorf (Austria) with a professional quality control and After Sales Service team as well as an own R&D Centre, where new technology is developed and tested. Furthermore, a huge storage place guarantees sufficient space for keeping in store all important machine components, as well as spare and wear parts.
Innovative technology for optimum results
“Maximum quality, minimum wear and tear costs” — this is a special credo of Rockster. All machines are based on a fully hydraulic concept. Using components and assemblies only from well known brands like CAT, Parker or Sauer Danfoss is another important factor for Rockster’s high quality. Furthermore all crushers boast a compact but very robust design and can be used in all kind of applications, to range from recycling of materials like demolition debris, concrete, asphalt as well as processing of very hard virgin stone like basalt or granite. The Rockster product range has been created in order to consider the individual needs of the customers as well as the different requirements of the markets. With total weights ranging from 19 tons up to 42 tons the machines are designed for various application fields. Rockster models boast another technical highlight: equipped with a hydrostatic drive system, which replaces the industry normal clutch, the machine allow for specific non-incremental rotor speed, responding to various operating conditions as well as different final grain demands.
Saving fuel and enhance the performance with the first parallel hybrid impact crusher worldwide
Rockster developed a completely new drive technology in the crushing sector — a parallel hybrid impact crusher. Any load peaks are cushioned by condensers — so-called power caps — which buffer the energy. The diesel engine operates nearly constant at optimal speed to drive the generator for the electric motor. The fuel consumption is reduced and maintenance costs are minimized. With this technology you can save up to 16,000 liters of diesel annually and boost the performance easily up to an additional output of 30 percent.
Robust technology necessary
Due to frequent performance peaks and adverse environmental conditions in outdoor use Rockster placed high demands on the material used. All main-components are water cooled and meet the IP65 standard. They are specifically designed for usage in mobile construction machines and protected from dust, dirt and water. Moreover they are resistant to vibration and extreme temperature fluctuations.
100 percent defined final grain with a closed circuit
With its product range Rockster has managed not only to cover the crushing but also the screening applications, and this in a smart and efficient way. Adding the optional available screening box on the crusher discharge belt — which is done in shortest time — enables the production of defined final grain in only one step. And this without any additional drive system as the screening box is driven by the additional hydraulic unit on the crusher.
With the unique return system, consisting of the two belt return or stockpile conveyor, dismantling for transport is no longer necessary. You can work with a closed circuit and produce 100 percent definable final grain as well as the use it as stockpile conveyor with a discharge height of up to four meters.
Rockster Recycler is one of the leading high quality manufacturer of advanced crushing and screening plants. To receive more information, please get in touch at , call  +43722381000 or visit

Progress in technology: Whitcomb trusts in Rockster’s patented DUPLEX system

Frank W. Whitcomb Construction Corp. – NH/VT
With over 81 years in the construction industry, Frank W. Whitcomb Construction Corp. (FWWCC) is one of the largest paving and highway construction businesses in New Hampshire and Vermont and has established a reputation as a high quality road contractor.
With 110 employees working for the company, it is specialized in quarry rock crushing, portable crushing, paving/road construction and excavation.
FWWCC wants innovative machines
Although it competes with multinational companies, FWWCC has maintained an edge by implementing astute and innovative business practices. So the Whitcomb family is always eager to have newest technology and high quality standards, and after the Conexpo in Las Vegas 2011 they decided to expand their range of machinery with a Rockster R1200/R1100 DUPLEX system. It allows to operate a jaw as well as an impact crusher on one basic machine what increases the variety of possible applications and efficiency of the machine enormously. FWWCC wanted to be flexible with the DUPLEX system and need the jaw crusher mainly for helping out in the quarry when the stationary jaw has a failure and they need to keep the production moving. Moreover it is great for getting the material down to size before putting it through the impactor. But most jobs are done with the impact crusher in asphalt or concrete recycling.
Experiences of the first U.S. company with Rockster’s R1200/1100 DUPLEX
FWWCC is the first company in the U.S. using the biggest available DUPLEX system and has meanwhile two years of experience with this plant.
Frank Tyler Whitcomb tells: “Our Rockster machine R1200/1100 Duplex has been a wonderful addition to our company. We utilize it mainly as impact crusher in the production of recycled asphalt pavement for use as base course material for rebuilding the road. Last year we removed concrete slabs from a roadway in northern Vermont and used the Rockster to crush the concrete and blend it into the sub base gravel used in the reconstruction of the roadway. The concrete is debris from projects and is added to virgin material as a form of recycling material instead of wasting it.
Sub base gravel is virgin quarry stone that is crushed for sale in our quarry and used for base on our roadway projects.
We have even used the crusher with the interchangeable jaw down in our quarry in Colchester, VT producing sub base gravel when our primary, stationary crushed was down for repair at the end of last year.”
High degree of capacity utilization
This year the machine has been all over the state crushing rap, concrete, and sub base gravel. The company had little down time and great production numbers from the unit all summer long. In principle they would offer their crushing services also to other companies but during the last two years owning the Rockster crusher they have stayed very busy with the machine. “The machine has worked fabulously ever since, it is in production 10-12 hours a day six days a week for about 7-8 months a year,” says Whitcomb.
Furthermore the employees operating the machine especially applaud the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the design.
They would recommend this machine to all of their associates in the construction industry but are also proud of being a nice step ahead having such a great machine that not many others have in their fleet.


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