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High Performance Impact Crusher by McCloskey International

The new I54v3 Impactor continues to bring high quality and high production capacity to McCloskey mobile impactor applications.

The I54v3 has been designed with durability, power and ease of use in mind. New features include open chassis for ease- of-access, optional full length main conveyor or optional underpan under the crushing chamber conveyor, hydraulic adjustable magnet, and a new larger double deck prescreen for more efficient fines removal. Main and side conveyors are now wider to accommodate a larger volume of prescreen discharge material, and to allow for better discharge from the crushing chamber.

The I54v3’s versatility and upgraded design makes it ideal for some of the toughest applications worldwide, including asphalt recycling, concrete recycling, rock crushing, construction and demolition.



Each sectional component is wider than the last to allow an unrestricted flow of material without narrowing. Allows for reduced wear and eliminates material bridging.



New wider & longer 55” (1400mm) main conveyor, giving large stockpile capacity. Conveyor lowers and raises hydraulically.



A 48” x 53” (1200mm x 1350mm), four bar impactor rotor with a 53.5” x 37” (1360mm x 950mm) feed opening.



Direct drive crusher rotor via clutch which boasts maximum power transmission with a low fuel cost.



The much larger crusher pre-screen maximizes crusher efficiency and delivers screened product via a straight chute to a new wider 32” side conveyor.



Engine 510 hp (380 kW) Volvo D13

T4 Final

Transport Height 11’ 9.7” (3.60m)
Transport Length 52’ 0.3” (15.857m)
Transport Width 9’ 10” (3.0m)
Weight – inc magnet & dirt conveyor 116,624 lb (52,900kg)
Impact Rotor 47.2” diameter x 52.6” wide
Stockpile Height – Main Conveyor 13’ 8.9” (4.19m)


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  1. It’s interesting to know that mobile impact crushers are wider now to accommodate an even larger volume of materials. I can imagine how the advancement and improvements in technology have been helping various industries even in this aspect. It can even be a good machine to be used for recycling companies to be able to work on even larger items being sold to them.

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