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Hey Prairie Dawg, “Is the Con-Expo worth attending again?”

Well here we are once again, the world famous CONEXPO 2017 Las Vegas Nevada. How quickly another 3 years have passed and as always the immediate questions that surface are, will it be worth the time and expense to attend and secondly who should attend from our organization? Here are a few quick topics to consider:

  • Are we looking to expand our organizations equipment resources?
  • Are we in need of any maintenance program updates such as tooling or updated processes that may be just coming to market?
  • Do we have any newly hired management positions that have never attended or not attended beyond 3qty shows?
  • Would any of our staff benefit from some of the many-hosted seminars or after parties to better connect with upcoming project principals for future business?
  • Do I need to connect with some key figures of the group who manufactured my process equipment to let them know pros and cons of how the equipment is performing for our application?

Having attended eight different times already in my career I have never not gained greatly in added product knowledge and with each time, a greater depth of applications understanding especially when it comes to the most recent and innovative product releases hitting the market. Here are some of the things I’ve learned:

This is inevitably the best time to hear that a new machine is being released to market. Some of the reasons include:

  • Increased Production with decreased down time
  • More user friendly operation features
  • Easier maintenance procedures and accessibility
  • Reduced operation/energy costs and improved emissions carbon footprint

“Show Special” pricing is often available.

  • Maybe this is the best opportunity to get a great price and delivery on a machine needed immediately.
  • Possible freight cost savings on a machine the manufacturer doesn’t want to pay to ship back to the factory.
  • Are Extended Factory Warranties available for the show special pricing?

Are all the Bells and Whistles included?

  • Usually the featured show machine has all the options on display and often provides a great opportunity to see and learn of all this combined value in person.

I can often speak directly with Engineering and Service support.

  • Most often, the manufacturers have their top-tiered staff on hand to discuss all the reasons for developing this newly released product and almost always the service management is present to explain all the mechanical upgrades and improvements to prove that this new product will not only offer better production but also provide better overall value and quality.

The Con-Expo is one of the greatest resources to acquire anything you would ever need to keep your Construction or Aggregate Production based organization better running:

  • Ever increasing computer based technology processes and management tracking assistance is on display
  • Virtual Reality based simulator training to drone operated mapping and calculating software
  • All the latest hand held power tools to welding and steel cutting tooling available including the latest in maintenance & service crane trucks

Would newly hired management staff benefit from seeing all that is available to assist them in their new positions? The answer is definitely YES! How could attending this type of show not go a long way in keeping an employee excited and better equipped to perform his or her job? At the same time, having them attend will prove to them you are more interested than ever in having them become a part of helping create or develop solutions based processes like those experienced firsthand on display at the Con-Expo.

Along with all the new products on display are numerous hosted seminars and after parties that can be used to educate your company’s valued customers even further. Often times these break out opportunities allow many faces from all around the globe to come together to provide opportunities for question and answer discussions. Often times, this happens only in a more localized setting if even at all. This is a great opportunity to educate one another with group type interaction creating a much more thorough discussion than on an individualized basis.

In case you were wondering if I will be attending this year, the answer is YES! I will be attending my 9th consecutive CONEXPO and I’m wondering if I will have the pleasure to meet you there too? I am extremely excited to be both an exhibitor and attendee this year. I will be looking forward in meeting as many new faces as possible along with the many familiar acquaintances from shows past.

Questions? Tim Holmberg


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