• Hey Grinderguy: What is the 90 percent Rule?

    If you are purchasing a grinder, you better know the 90 percent rule.

    When you purchase a grinder, it should be able to grind 90 percent or more of the materials you grind on a daily basis. What does that mean?

    If 90 percent or more of your materials are some type of brush, you should purchase a grinder that is capable of grinding that size of yard waste. If less than 10 percent of your material is for example, logs 36 inches in diameter, you do not need to purchase a grinder capable of grinding 36 inch logs.

    The purchase price difference between grinding brush and grinding a 36-inch log is probably $250,000 or more, depending on your production needs. For $250,000, you are able to not only purchase a wood shear to split the wood, but you can purchase an excavator to pin it on.

    Now those numbers are obviously estimates, but you get the picture. Why purchase a 1000HP grinder when a 765HP will not only do 90 percent or more of the job — but with a little prep work, you can cover 100 percent of the material? The cost per hour savings will be significant. The initial purchase cost will be significant as well. So what do you do?

    Survey the incoming materials:
    • What does the majority consist of?
    • What is the largest or most difficult to process?
    • How can you prep the oversize material?
    • Decide which size grinder can process the majority?
    • What can be done with the other materials?
    • Check with loggers for other disposal options.
    • What is the cost of additional prep equipment?

    Do your homework. Not only will you save on the purchase price, but you will continue to save daily.

    I have been asked several times in the past few months about available jobs in the industry, as well as inquiries from companies looking for good help also.

    Here is a few of the want ads:
    • Operations Manager position available at a Company in the Orlando area. Grinding operations, mulch, fuel wood, etc.
    • Site Managerin the Orlando area. Company looking for working foreman to handle material orders, production, etc.
    • Operations manager [type] looking for work in the Atlanta, GA area. This person has experience in grinding of mulch and fuel wood along with FEMA work experience. Also has sales and operations management experience. Looking for a good company; has traveled in the past.
    • Grinder-operator available in the Augusta, GA area. This person has experience with horizontal grinding, maintenance and storm cleanup work. Has traveled in the past and will relocate for right position.

    Interested, call Dave Whitelaw, The GrinderGuy, 813•421•2757. Email any questions: grinderguy@askthegrinderguy.com .

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