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Haver & Boecker’s Tyler H-Class efficiently processes fines in hot screening applications

CATHARINES, ON — Haver & Boecker, a leading equipment manufacturer and solutions provider in aggregates and mining applications,offers the H-Class vibrating screen for fine particle screening. The H-Class’s high-frequency vibrations efficiently screen hot, dry materials for consistent product output.

The heavy-duty, stationary machine is safe for use in unreinforced structures since the movement is confined to the media, which moves with a fast, small stroke to screen materials through openings ranging from a half inch to 100 mesh. The machine offers two variable speeds: The Running cycle operates at 42 to 48 Hertz to screen particles and can be modified to an operation’s specific needs, while the short Burst cycle increases the vibratory motion to 60 Hertz to clean the screen, preventing blinding and increase productivity.

“When customers need to screen fine, dry materials, especially at high temperatures, they turn to the H-Class,” said Karen Thompson, Haver & Boecker Canada president. “It’s proven to withstand tough operating conditions to provide a steady material output.”

The H-Class’s modular design uses pre-engineered components, which allows the machine to be easily configured based on an operation’s machine size requirements.

The H-Class is especially effective for screening materials including phosphate and potash, making it key technology for the fertilizer industry.

Many operations will be eligible to receive Haver & Boecker’s three-year Uptime Service Package free with the purchase of an H-Class. Uptime includes the manufacturer’s full-service approach to equipment optimization, from parts inspection and equipment assessment to screen media evaluation. As part of the program, Haver & Boecker uses its signature Pulse vibration analysis software to monitor the health of the vibrating screen.


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