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GSSI extensive in-person and online training program on using GPR equipment safely and effectively in the field

GSSI, the world’s leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, announces a comprehensive training program for new and existing customers on how to use GSSI equipment safely and effectively in the field. More than a hundred virtual and in-person classes will be held in 2021. Training is conducted by a team of three experienced full time professional trainers. In-person classes are held in dedicated training facilities in Henderson, NV and Nashua, NH, which offer more than 5,000 square feet of dedicated training space. In-person classes for 2021 feature smaller class sizes that meet rigorous COVID-19 safety protocols. Also offered are online webinar training options.
In-person classes are conducted in dedicated classrooms equipped with computer facilities for student use. The training facilities incorporate hands-on training areas, including a specialized concrete forms room, and a first-in-the-industry 760 square foot indoor utility pit. The classes, which run from one to three days, are provided complimentary for those purchasing a major system during the initial two-year warranty period. Introductory live online webinars are provided for students with an interest in learning equipment basics and who cannot travel to one of the training sites. Customized webinar options are available at reasonable rates.
The class schedule is posted on the GSSI website, so students can select the class and time that meets their needs. Popular offerings include classes on UtilityScan®, StructureScan™ Mini XT, RADAN® 7, StructureScan™ Pro, and UtilityScan Pro: SIR 4000. GSSI trainers apply the technology to the student’s application focus and system type. Specialized training classes are offered for archaeology and geophysical applications.
GSSI offers both introductory and advanced training courses. Introductory classes assume no prior knowledge of GPR or EM technology. Advanced classes, which assume prior attendance of an intro class or working experience with the technology, are appropriate for users looking to branch out to new applications.
“GSSI’s superior training program includes three full time trainers with a combined 27 years of experience with GPR equipment, who help bring real-world conditions into a safe learning environment,” said training supervisor Kevin O’Hara. “We developed the 2021 training program to meet all COVID-19 safety protocols while still providing the high level of training we know is key to our customers’ success.”


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