• GSB-88 Gilsonite based emulsified asphalt seal coat proven to maintain pavement and provide up to 400 percent ROI

    GSB-88® Sealer/Binder Emulsion from Salt Lake City, Utah based Asphalt Systems, Inc.® (ASI) is a gilsonite based emulsified asphalt seal coating product that has demonstrated in numerous studies to not only add years of life to asphalt pavement, but also to provide up to 400 percent return on investment. The primary deteriorating factor for most asphalt pavements is surface oxidation. Application of GSB-88 very early in the life of the pavement, and timely repeat applications every four to seven years, can eliminate surface oxidation as a significant factor in pavement deterioration. As an integral component of GSB-88, gilsonite is a unique, naturally occurring resinous asphalt ore found in Utah that does not have to undergo an oil refining process. Gilsonite emulsions are non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic. GSB-88 comprises a mixture of gilsonite, specially selected plasticizers and oils that penetrate and reintroduce essential binders into the pavement matrix. GSB-88 is designed to mitigate the impacts of surface oxidation and moisture damage on asphalt pavements, halting deterioration and sealing the surface to help repel water. The product also helps prevent or cure surface raveling.

    Save Money – up to 400 percent ROI

    The average GSB-88 treatment cycle is four to seven years. Based on nearly three decades of projects, studies, and commercial and governmental assessments, when applied regularly, GSB-88 can protect against the detrimental effects of surface oxidation of asphalt pavements almost indefinitely, while producing a Savings-to-Investment Ratio (SIR) of 5.0 and a Return-on-Investment (ROI) of 400 percent. One dollar spent on application of GSB-88 in a preventive maintenance program can save five dollars of expense to correct a deteriorated pavement.

    Certified — Green product, Green process

    Free from toxic, old school coal tar and with very low VOC levels, ASI’s gilsonite based asphalt preservation products are safe for the environment. As an aid to maintaining infrastructure, pavement preservation is both eco-friendly and socially responsible. ASI’s GSB-88 is the only product in the asphalt industry today to have undergone rigorous independent third party environmental testing. After an intensive 2011 Life Cycle Assessment by the Institute for Environmental Research & Education (IERE), GSB-88 earned an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which attests to the significant environmental benefits of its use in preserving pavement. Additionally, GSB-88 has been honored with a GreenCircle® Certification, recognizing that one application every five years can significantly extend the life of asphalt and help reduce global warming, acidification and eutrophication by nearly 50 percent, when compared to reconstruction.

    Easy to use

    GSB-88 applies quickly and easily with standard bituminous distributors. Spread rate is dependent upon the existing asphalt pavement’s texture, porosity and age. Application generally cures in two to eight hours. Wet GSB-88 can be cleaned up with water and GSB-88 can be removed from skin with industrial hand cleaners and hand creams. Applications for GSB-88 include pavements ranging from high speed state highways to parking lots, city streets, and county roads. It has also been applied to more than 500 military and civil airport runways in North America.

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