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GeoStabilization International® expands geohazard monitoring and mitigation with all-new Geohazard Asset Management Group

New offering uses geospatial data and proprietary analytics to increase proficiently in risk management
COMMERCE CITY, CO – Landslides, rockfalls and other natural hazards can happen at a moment’s notice, and often occur without warning – causing devastation and costly repairs. To better understand the leading indicators of these dangerous events, GeoStabilization International® introduces its new Geohazard Asset Management and Monitoring (GAMM) group – the next evolution in protecting against the dangers of geohazards before they occur. The group further expands the company’s suite of end-to-end solutions by offering data collection, interpretation, and analysis of natural hazards in real-time to provide a better understanding of risk and preparation for geohazard potential.

The GAMM team collects and processes many types of geospatial data, including photogrammetry, LIDAR, InSAR, ground based radar, in-ground instrumentation, and orthoimagery to monitor previous and current ground movement and identify concerning trends. With proprietary analytics, the team leverages the data to evaluate and model the measurement of geohazard frequency, intensity and severity. The ability to collect and interpret critical geospatial data in a robust and scalable way is becoming an industry-game changer in accurately mapping and monitoring at-risk areas. Combining this capability with GeoStabilization’s wealth of experience in slope stabilization helps their clients proactively detect, monitor, manage and mitigate geohazards that affect their assets and the public.
“Over the last 20 years, we have worked closely with customers to mitigate thousands of geohazards. Throughout that time, we observed that most have more geohazards to mitigate than their budget allows, forcing them to react only after a failure occurs. It pained us to repeatedly witness this scenario,” said Daniel Lines, Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Development of GeoStabilization, “so we began building our capability to gather and analyze data to assist our customers in prioritizing the mitigation of their geohazards – furthering GeoStabilization’s commitment to protect people and infrastructure through innovated solutions. By utilizing geospatial data, the GAMM group proactively monitors changes, detects early warning signs, and provides risk management through meaningful analysis. With this information, we can better help our customers make proactive, consistent, and fiscally responsible decisions regarding geohazards that threaten their communities and assets.”
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