Genie fleet reconditioning services extend equipment service life and increase rental fleet values

Today’s business climate demands that rental companies carefully consider how best to manage fleets to maximize the rental return on invested capital (rROIC). To extend the opportunities with the machines already in service, Genie® fleet reconditioning services now offers: a three year/36 month warranty on all components reconditioned by Genie, a three year/3,000 hour powertrain warranty on DEUTZ Xchange remanufactured engines and a one year powertrain warranty on all other engine brands. And, all Genie fleet reconditioning services are now performed at the company’s new reconditioning center in Oklahoma City, OK. (OKC).

“Fleet reconditioning extending the service life and the value of a customer’s aerial rental equipment,” says Bob Bartley, Genie senior director of Product Support and Reconditioning, Terex AWP. “It’s not a glorified paint job or a brand new machine that costs less money. Reconditioning takes current unit in a customer’s fleet and methodically inspects and restores to its original specification. It offers our rental customers the opportunity to lengthen the life cycle of an aging asset or to improve the reliability of a unit.”

With Genie fleet reconditioning services, each machine is thoroughly inspected to determine the services needed; then, components are repaired, rebuilt or replaced as required. This process includes everything from the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems, engine components, decals and manuals. It also includes warranty work and updates issued in product bulletins and safety recalls, as well as an annual inspection completed to the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for the specific unit.

Genie now offers new warranties on reconditioned equipment and engines including:
A three year/36 month warranty now available on reconditioned units. This warranty applies to components that are repaired, rebuilt or replaced by Genie during the reconditioning process. With this warranty, Genie ensures that its reconditioning work will be free, under normal use and service, of any defects related to the service when it gets back into your fleet.

In addition to offering a full machine warranty on reconditioned units, Genie has also worked with engine suppliers to offer extended warranties on powertrain components.
DEUTZ Xchange remanufactured engines for reconditioned Genie aerial equipment, including boom lifts, scissor lifts and telehandlers, will receive a three year/3,000 hour same-as-new warranty, which includes short lead time and reliable service network. This warranty will be administered by DEUTZ.

Other engine manufacturers will offer a one year limited powertrain warranty on engines remanufactured as part of the Genie reconditioning services work. The specific engine supplier will administer this warranty.

With the rapid expansion of its fleet reconditioning business, Genie has moved its reconditioning services operations to the state of the art Terex® facility in OKC. The 700,000-square-foot Terex OKC facility manufactures aerial work platforms, construction cranes and material processing products. “By taking advantage of manufacturing synergies in the OKC plant,” says Bartley, “which recently received $40 million investment in facility updates, we have enhanced our reconditioning services processes and increased our efficiencies to meet market demand.”

The address for the OKC facility is 9528 1-40 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73128. Genie Reconditioning Services began accepting units at the OKC facility in March 2017.

“Fleet reconditioning offers many benefits to our rental customers’ businesses,” says Bartley. “With a reconditioned machine, rental store owners can expect to get five more years of reliable and efficient operation from a unit they already own. Reconditioning also enables them to maintain a blended fleet of older and new equipment to meet the changing demands of their customers. An added benefit is that keeping equipment in service longer is a greener alternative than disposal. It’s a cost effective, smart fleet management solution. And, Genie offers a full service reconditioning solution, including warranty work, conversions, parts and general repairs, which translates to a high rROIC for their businesses.”
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