• First R1000S crusher leaving the new factory

    First R1000S crusher leaving the new factory

    Since the middle of 2019, Rockster Austria International GmbH has owned a 10,000 m² company premises in Neumarkt im Mühlkreis (Upper Austria) to establish its own production of the innovative Rockster crusher series. “Producing such a technologically sophisticated machine is a special challenge,” says CEO Wolfgang Kormann. “The biggest problem was adapting the material flow planning to the new building to guarantee an economical workflow. A crushing plant weighing 30 tons consists of more than 3,000 individual parts. Of course, handling and final assembly require a continuous improvement process,” Kormann explains.

    Relocation and training of new employees
    In addition to bureaucratic hurdles that entail a new development of a production, the relocation of the company headquarters from Ennsdorf to Matzelsdorf was no easy task.

    “The logistical organization of the move to avoid downtime and duplication was not always easy. To be successful at work, the current employees have to feel comfortable in their new environment as quickly as possible. Also the new Mühlviertler colleagues quickly settled in and were immediately integrated,” said Kormann.

    “The R1000S Mobile Impact Crusher is our most advanced crushing machine with many refinements. This is not a standard commercial product. Thanks to the good teamwork, quick understanding of our new employees and the good work preparation, a highly motivated and well-trained team has produced the first crushing machine at the earliest possible date.“

    The first ‚Mühlviertler‘ crusher is ready for its owner
    Asking the future customer Martin Hopf why he chose the Rockster R1000S impactor, he said: “This is a well designed and very sophisticated crushing machine that, thanks to its hydrostatic drive and 2-impact swing system, performs exceptionally well in the recycling of construction and demolition waste and processing of natural stone. I can easily transport it with my truck and use it in contractor business as well as on my own construction sites.“

    Big step forward
    Expanding production in Austria is not without risk, but brings enormous benefits. Wolfgang Kormann is convinced of his decision: “For us, the quality of the product is the top priority and the quality can only be guaranteed on a constant basis in our own factory. The new head office gives us the opportunity to do so. Meanwhile, the work processes are regulated and the new employees are familiar with our products. That’s why we decided to expand production by another Rockster model here in Neumarkt from January 2020.”

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