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Finlay introduces new TR-80 Radial Conveyor

Finlay® is delighted to announce the launch of the new TR-80 Radial Conveyor (TR-80). The machine, which has been engineered with the customer in mind, can be easily integrated into static operations or as part of a mobile crushing and screening set up in a diverse range of applications, from heavy duty primary crushing to light duty applications. 

Impressive Stockpile Capability 

A key feature of the TR-80 Radial Conveyor is the automated stockpile programme that allows operators to stockpile materials in set patterns to suit their operations and site configuration. Adding to its adaptability, the radial functionality allows for flexible stockpile configurations, catering to various material types and site layouts. 

When operated in conical mode, the TR-80 has a maximum discharge height of 10.18m (33’ 5’’) and can stockpile 1,811m3 (2,369yd3) of material. When configured to operate at 120° Kidney Bean mode, the machine will stockpile 7,566m3 (9,897yd3) of material. 

Built with Safety, Reliability and Durability 

Safety measures engineered into the machine include hydraulic feed height adjustment of the feedboot and pinless deployment of the main conveyor to assist in creating a safer working environment and enable rapid on site set up and tear down. Built to withstand rigorous use, the Finlay TR-80 is constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and reliable performance even in demanding environments. 

Alan Witherow, Product & Applications Manager, Finlay said “The launch of our new TR-80 Radial Conveyor demonstrates our commitment to delivering solutions that our customers can rely upon. The TR-80 reduces segregation, degradation, compaction and contamination of material in the stockpile. Furthermore, by enhancing site efficiency and streamlining material handling processes, the TR-80 demonstrates Finlay’s commitment to delivering high-performance solutions that enable cost-savings across our customer operations while providing a consistent quality product.” 

The TR-80 is available to order now through your local Finlay distributor. To learn more, visit: or view the following video:  


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