• FiberMax Crane Pads Owner’s Manual now standard

    To aid communication between lift directors, operators, and site safety personnel, DICA now issues model specific Owner’s Manuals with all FiberMax® Crane Pad orders. Each manual includes inspection and usage guidelines, technical specifications, and warranty information. The development of the owner’s manual came at the suggestion of crane rental firms who needed documentation to show site owners regarding the performance characteristics of FiberMax Crane Pads.

    “When innovative products are introduced to the marketplace, education must be part of the process. Naturally that includes our customers and the crane operators who use FiberMax Crane Pads, but that also includes site owners and OSHA inspectors,” said Kris Koberg, CEO.

    Actual load distribution of any pad or mat is highly dependent on the characteristics of the ground below the pad. Because FiberMax Crane Pads are made from lightweight composite materials that are not subject to the environment, and are engineered to high design standards, the actual performance of the pads can be quantified and projected. Deflection and maximum ground pressure projection charts are included in each model specific Owner’s Manual. More detailed information for specific lifts is available directly from DICA.

    “FiberMax Crane Pads are the only crane pad on the market that can generate a six-figure return on your investment. In addition to the incredible weight and transportation savings, DICA is the only manufacturer that provides the technical performance information to help owners, operators and site personal understand what is happening under the pads,” said Koberg.

    DICA recommends the FiberMax owner’s manual be kept in the cab of each crane for which FiberMax Crane Pads were purchased.

    About DICA

    DICA, Guthrie Center, Iowa, has been specializing in building a better outrigger pad since 1988. By creating engineered solutions for improving equipment stability and ergonomic safety, DICA is leading the way in product innovation for outrigger pads, crane pads and ProStack™ cribbing.

    DICA outrigger pads and crane pads, including SafetyTech® and FiberMax®, are used in 40+ countries and on 6 continents around the world in construction, maintenance, electrical utility, oil and gas and tree care as well as local, state and federal government agencies. Learn more at www.dicausa.com.

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