• Felling Trailers’ “green” Air Bi-fold Ramp system

    Felling Trailers’ “green” Air Bi-fold Ramp system

    SAUK CENTRE, MN – Felling Trailers’ continues to go “green” with their patent-pending Air Operated Bi-fold Ramps system. The Air Bi-Fold Ramps system first debuted at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020, stirring the interest of many in the construction sector. The Air Bi-Fold ramp system is part of Felling’s Controlled Flow Air Ramp series, which the company launched over a decade ago, all air-powered, no batteries, no hydraulics. The new Air Bi-Fold system is a revolutionary system that is perfect for the paving and low clearance markets. A key feature of Felling’s design is in the operation of the flip ramp. The flip ramp locks out fully when extending, preventing scraping or marring of the ground, which is undesirable, especially if it’s a new surface of any kind. Another key feature is Felling’s controlled flow air ramp technology which provides for soft ground contact of the ramp, keeping new surfaces free from being damaged. “The last thing that you want if you just paved a new parking lot is getting new asphalt down and scraping it with your trailer when you load up at the end of the day. This system eliminates that. It’s all air-powered, a totally green system,” said Patrick Jennissen, Felling’s VP of Sales & Marketing. Few manufacturers in the marketplace offer an Air Bi-Fold Ramp system, let alone with the functionality that Felling’s offers.

    Felling Trailer’s Air Bi-Fold Ramps are 45″ wide by 11′ (7.5′ +3.5′) wood inlaid. The 11′ Air Bi-Fold ramps were designed to accommodate the load angle necessary when loading cumbersome low clearance equipment such as paving equipment and directional drills. The Air Bi-Fold ramps’ length provides the operator with a gentler, more gradual incline to provide ease in loading/unloading with its 9.5º load angle with the option of air ride suspension when the air is dropped. Felling Trailers’ Air-Ramp technology allows operators to use the tow vehicles’ onboard air system to power the ramps, eliminating the maintenance of an onboard electric/hydraulic system. Furthermore, the patent-pending technology allows for minimal ground contact when deploying/retracting the ramps to reduce damage to new pavement when loading/unloading. “These ramps are available on a wide range of air brake-equipped trailers and allow the safe loading of most paving equipment with ease. Air-operated ramps are far more reliable than those powered by an electric/hydraulic pump, making it a clear choice for many paving crews,” said Nathan Uphus, Felling’s Sales Manager. The new bi-fold ramp system is currently available on 20, 22.5, 25, and 30-ton tag series with plans to expand into the semi-trailer lines.

    Felling Trailers is excited to showcase their air-operated bi-fold ramps system once again at the World of Asphalt show taking place in Nashville, TN, March 29-3, 2022. The Air Bi-Fold ramp system will be featured on an FT-45-2 LP, 22.5-ton, low-profile flatbed tag trailer. Attendees can find Felling Trailers in booth 3268. Demonstrations of the air ramp system operation will be taking place throughout the duration of the show.

    FT-45-2 LP with Air Bi-Fold Ramps Specifications

    ·     26’ Main Deck Length Plus 6’ Double Incline Beavertail, White Oak

    ·     45” Wide x 11’ (7.5’ + 3.5’) Bi-Fold Air Operated, Oak Inlaid Ramps

    ·     Air Brakes, ABS 2S/1M, Meritor WABCO (parking brakes on all axles)

    ·     25K Oil Bath Axles

    ·     49” Spread (Spring), 9700 Hutch Suspension

    ·     25,000 lb. Heavy Duty 3 Leaf Spring Suspension

    ·     235/75R 17.5” Tires on 8 Bolt Aluminum Alcoa Mirror Polish Wheels

    ·     140,000 lb Twin 2-Speed Jack (39,000 lb. Lift Capacity)

    For more information, contact 1.800.245.2809, sales@felling.com, or visit them on the web at www.felling.com. You can also follow them on Twitter (@FellingTrailers), Facebook (Felling Trailers, Inc.), and Instagram.    

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