Falk Mill Products for mining industry rebranded as Metso Gears and Pinions

In 2015, Metso acquired from the US-based company Rexnord Industries, LLC, certain intellectual property rights related to Rexnord’s Falk Mill Products business. This acquisition allowed Metso to provide replacement gears and pinions for its customers who have purchased mills and kilns through Metso. With access to the original equipment manufacturer drawings, specifications and technology, Metso is able to replicate the exact design parameters of proprietary Falk Mill Products materials and tooth forms.

As of December 11, 2017, Metso will be rebranding this offer under a new name – Metso Gears and Pinions. There will be no changes to the products offered, and Metso will continue to use the original drawings and specifications from the earlier acquisition. Metso assures customers that they can expect the same quality and reliability, just with a different name.


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