Falcon Structures offers modular container-based structures for healthcare industry

Falcon Structures, an experienced manufacturer of modified shipping containers, has developed mobile container-based structures for healthcare organizations to serve as temporary housing, administration, and storage. Shipping container structures provide a rugged and rapidly deployable solution that’s safe, durable, and easy to deploy.

Unlike tents and other makeshift structures, modified shipping containers can be deployed with all necessary equipment, supplies, and amenities, including HVAC, Wi-Fi/Telecom, storage space, water and electricity connections, and more. Falcon’s container structures are ideal for these and other applications:

  • Triage units
  • Temporary medical facilities
  • Mobile command centers
  • Washrooms and bathrooms
  • Equipment and supply storage units
  • Training units
  • Administrative offices
  • Supply distribution centers
  • Worker housing
  • And more

“For healthcare organizations that need to quickly expand functional space, container-based structures are a fast, cost-effective solution. They’re flexible, easy to sanitize, and offer robust protection against the elements,” says CEO Stephen Shang. Leveraging its 17 years of experience, Falcon also creates custom structures to suit the unique needs of organizations in a number of industries.

Visit their website for more information.

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