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Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment Awarded NJPA Contract for 2018 – 2022

Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment, a leading manufacturer of asphalt hot boxes and recyclers, announced it has been awarded a contract by the National Joint Power Alliance (NJPA) to provide its machines with competitive pricing for 2018 through 2022.

NJPA creates national cooperative contract purchasing solutions on behalf of its member agencies. As an NJPA vendor, Falcon will more easily be able to connect with and provide equipment to qualifying government agencies and municipalities.
“Falcon has held an NJPA contract since 2012, and our sales through the contract have grown each year as more and more municipalities take advantage of cooperative purchasing,” says Ric Simon, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing, Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment. “We are thrilled to have submitted a competitive bid and won the award of another four-year contract with NJPA for our asphalt hot boxes and recyclers.”

Falcon’s contract is found under the “Roadway Maintenance, Asphalt, Snow & Ice” category under the number #052417 – FRM.

Among other areas of serving members, NJPA creates national cooperative contract purchasing solutions on behalf of its member agencies, which include all government, education and non-profit agencies nationwide and in Canada. These cooperative contract opportunities offer both time and money savings for their users by consolidating the efforts of numerous individually prepared solicitations to one national, cooperatively shared process. This process leverages the aggregation of volume from members nationwide.

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