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FAE announces Singer/Songwriter Edwin McCain as company spokesman

FAE USA, Inc., located in Flowery Branch, GA, announced they have selected singer/songwriter Edwin McCain as their spokesman. FAE USA is the U.S. subsidiary of FAE Group, a manufacturer of machinery for land clearing, road construction, agricultural and forestry applications.

In addition to touring, McCain also owns a forestry company — Nomad Land Management. McCain’s unique background will serve him well in his new role. With his experience in land clearing, Edwin is not only the perfect person to host and entertain at FAE events, but also speak intelligently about the product. His expertise also makes him an invaluable asset during equipment demos. “We partnered with Edwin McCain not only because he is a well-known musician, but also for his knowledge of the land clearing business and our equipment,” said Giorgio Carera, FAE USA’s CEO. “FAE looks forward to growing our partnership with Edwin in the years to come.”

To view Edwin’s Video with FAE, visit:

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