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Epiroc introduces fast new DTH hammers

Epiroc recently introduced the new COP M-series DTH hammers. Faster, lighter, more service-friendly and long-lasting, this new range of DTH hammers utilizes bits designed with a unique solid shank that further enhances durability and energy transfer for penetration rate.

Featuring a lighter and more compact design, Epiroc COP M-series hammers are safer and easier to handle. With the simple change of an internal component, they can quickly be optimized for different air compressor pressures and volumes. This two-in-one feature makes the new DTH hammers perform on all rigs and in all climates. The adjustable feature of the COP M-series creates flexibility for mining companies running rigs with different air packages and allows the most efficient use of airflow at different altitudes.

The COP M-series hammers are available in three sizes: COP M6 (6-inch), COP M7 (7-inch) and COP M8 (8-inch). Designed specifically for tough mining conditions including fractured rock, the M-series hammers are energy efficient, using less fuel per foot drilled. By matching the hammer’s airflow cylinder to the compressor configuration of the drill, drilling efficiency is ensured for hole-sizes from 6½ inches to 10 inches.

A new, patented air cycle in COP M-series DTH hammers replaces a design that has been strong on the market for more than 40 years. Utilizing a smaller and shorter piston allows the hammer to strike the rock at a much higher frequency. High-quality materials, precise manufacturing and a simple and robust design give these hammers low maintenance and long service life. M-series DTH hammers are 25 percent more compact and 30 percent lighter than predecessors, which make them easier and safer to handle.

M-series hammers use an all-new range of DTH bits featuring a patented solid shank, a new external airflow system and special patented Enduro carbide buttons. The COP M-series bits drill faster, last longer and offer longer intervals between regrinds.

“The COP M-series DTH system is at the very cutting edge of technology,” said Shawn Cheney, Epiroc Business Line Manager – Rock Drilling Tools. “Extensive testing of the COP M-series hammers in Nevada and at altitude in Colorado has exceeded expectations. Regardless of mining conditions, the hammers and bits give miners immediate reduction in total drilling cost.”

“Users get more footage every hour they drill and have to stop less frequently to change bits, enabling patterns to be completed in fewer hours. Every hour of drilling we can save mining companies is efficiency — an hour when they don’t need to burn fuel or incur wear and tear. In some cases, it may mean they don’t need to operate as many drills.”

Both tests and initial volume production indicate that the COP M-series DTH hammers and bits offer great increases in penetration rate and service life. COP M6, M7 and M8 have proven themselves in all kinds of rock, climates, and with a great variety of drill rigs.


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