• Engcon’s tiltrotator makes a winning impression with excavators at Australia’s largest machine show

    Engcon’s tiltrotator makes a winning impression with excavators at Australia’s largest machine show

    The National Diesel & Turf Expo took place in Sydney from April 9th to 11th, 2021. The fair founded in 2016 is Australia’s largest machine fair with visitor numbers growing every year. Engcon has participated at the event several times, but this year’s participation was different. In previous years, Engcon has been represented through resellers, but this year the company exhibited under its own auspices, which proved to be a great success in terms of visitor numbers and interest in Engcon products.

    “Trade fairs are an important channel for us where we are given the opportunity to meet customers and showcase our wide product range. During the Covid pandemic, many fairs have been canceled. Therefore, it was very gratifying for us that The National Diesel & Turf Expo this year, after all, went ahead, said Per-Oskar Svedberg, site manager at Engcon Australia, and continued, “We are very pleased with this year’s participation. Many customers have a pretty good grasp of what we do and have been longing for a tiltrotator for years, but there are still many who have no idea what it is. Therefore, it is of course important for us to have the opportunity to talk about Engcon and our products so that more people can discover the benefits. The interest in our products was great and there were a lot of people at our stand during the entire exhibition period”.

    Great interest in test driving among visitors
    During the three-day trade fair, Engcon showed off its tiltrotators, the safe quick coupler Q-Safe, the automatic quick coupler system with EC-Oil, the efficient control system DC2 and lots of tools. Australian excavator operators, who are Engcon owners themselves, also performed product demonstrations live.

    “Of everything we showed, it was the EC-Oil automatic quick coupler system and our tiltrotators that attracted the most interest. When visitors saw how easy it was to connect the tiltrotator and hydraulic tools without having to leave the cab, many realized that everything became more comfortable and that it is possible to save a lot of time when switching between hydraulic tools”, Svedberg continued.

    Exhibition visitors also had the opportunity to test how Engcon’s tiltrotator works, something that was very much appreciated and attracted many people. A competition was also organized for participants to rotate the bucket 360 degrees and see who was the fastest without losing any of the footballs that were inside. The winner was Pat M from PJ´s Plumbing and Excavation in the time 09:36. 

    Praised for the most innovative product
    During the fair, Engcon also received the award “Most innovative product” for its complete system of EC-Oil automatic quick coupler system, tiltrotator and hydraulic tools, which is proof that Engcon’s smart and innovative products also made an impression on Australian excavators.

    ”It is always fun to get recognition for our products being innovative and driving development in the excavation industry. We are super proud of this award. The thing to remember is that our products may be taken for granted in the Nordics, but around the world they are not as established, but we are on a good way, concluded Svedberg.

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