• Engcon US customer delivers quality, thanks to tiltrotator

    Attachment makes child’s play out of peculiar angles and tight fits

    Located in southwest Washington, just over the Columbia River from Portland, OR, is the City of Vancouver, which boasts the offices of Lindberg Pipe & Grade, a residential excavation and grading company.

    Lindberg Pipe & Grade’s new and production housing construction efforts are at the heart of its business. The company works for some of the biggest builders in the southwest Washington and Portland Metro areas.

    Lindberg has also made a specialty of constructing rock walls for homeowners. Rock walls are an important landscape feature in the area, so near the foothills of the Cascade mountain range. To level steep slopes and to maximize useable yard space, walls made of local boulders are highly cost effective. Placing these boulders into a wall can be a challenge.

    Land Lindberg, owner and president, met Sam Larsson, engcon’s US sales representative, in 2010. Land had seen another tiltrotator in action and was impressed, but that company didn’t have a presence in the Pacific Northwest, whereas Sam’s southwest Washington office was close by. So, when it was time to consider a purchase, engcon’s tiltrotator was the natural choice.

    “Sam helped us every step of the way,” says Lindberg. “I admit I had concerns about production and delivery, all the way from Sweden, but Sam smoothed the process. It’s great that he stocks a few parts, too. He takes great care of us.
    “The tiltrotator is impressive,” continues Lindberg. “People do say ‘Wow!’ when they see it in action. But more than the performance it can put on, it delivers a quality product. Thanks to the use of our tiltrotators, Lindberg has become known for technical, precise grading angles. This means providing superior drainage. And we can deliver this higher quality in a shorter amount of time. The tiltrotator attachment has made the equipment we own so much more versatile.”

    Says Lindberg, “Our work requires that we do a lot of peculiar angles and tight fits. The tiltrotator has really proven itself for this tricky work. In fact, my operators feel like they are missing their arm if one is out of commission. They have come to rely on the engcon tiltrotator. It has sure impacted our business.”

    For more information, visit www.lpgrade.com or www.engcon.com/us.

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