Engcon is making great efforts to increase customer satisfaction through its far-reaching ambassador program

Engcon is making great efforts to increase customer satisfaction through its far-reaching ambassador program

Since 2017, over 40,000 end customers have been contacted by Engcon ambassadors around the world. The ambassadors are tasked with promoting Engcon’s product offering, taking a consultative approach to determine customer challenges and equipment needs. And because this leads to selecting the right excavator equipment, the end result is extremely satisfied end customers and dealers.

Engcon’s growth and development has taken place over the years thanks to the end customer dialogue, sharing experiences and ideas with these contacts. In the spring of 2017, Engcon established a personnel group known internally as the ambassadors. Working together with the sales and marketing team, focusing marketing efforts on the end customer. The ambassadors are tasked with contacting end customers to build rapport and research the type of machines they use. Discussing the work they carry out and how well acquainted they are with Engcon’s product range.

“Our end customers are dear to us and we’re convinced that good dialogue makes Engcon a better supplier. We recently contacted our 20,000th end customer since the beginning of 2019, and our ambassadors have talked to more than 40,000 contacts since we started,” says André Nordström, Head of the Engcon ambassador program.

The goal is to have ambassadors in every market where Engcon has a presence, capturing end customer wishes and working together with the local sales department.

“When the end customer decides on the type of equipment they needs from us, we contact their chosen dealer to make sure everything is as agreed,” continued Nordström

Direct discussions with customers complements the digital presence
“Being an excavator operator is a way of life. Many grow up around excavators and begin driving at a very early age, just like their fathers. They are passionate about what they do and want to become better operators. So, they’re often on the lookout for smart tools and technologies to develop their profession,” said Nordström.

Engcon has more than 140,000 social media followers around the world and sees the ambassadors as an integral part of its marketing. As a result, three new ambassadors were appointed in 2019 — one in Sweden, one in the Netherlands and one in the United Kingdom.

“In an age where ever more products and services are digitized, dedicating a number of people whose sole task is direct contact with end customers is a pioneering initiative. It’s something we’re extremely proud of, and we know it makes us a better supplier,” concluded Nordström.

In all, there are 15 ambassadors in the program, and their primary task is to maintain a dialogue with end customers all over the world.

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