Engcon invests millions in new test facilities

Increasing Quality and Safety

Engcon, world leader in tiltrotators for excavators, has intensified its quality efforts in recent years. As the next step in these efforts, Engcon is now investing in two automated test facilities at its factory in Strömsund, Sweden, where every Engcon tiltrotator will be tested before delivery to the customer.

The development of these new test stations is a collaboration among Engcon, Electrum (the company that developed the computer software used during testing), and Specma (which supplied all the hydraulic components). Electrum and Specma are also Swedish companies.

“We test all our tiltrotators and, in this new automatic test facility, we can conduct the same test procedure without being personnel-dependent. That’s a strength,” says Håkan Näsström, test manager at Engcon. Slight testing variables due to human nature are eliminated.

Extensive testing for increased quality
All functions are tested to their limits. This ensures full mobility without risk of crushing. The hydraulics are also put under maximum load so that any leakage will be detected. Control systems and extra features are also tested.
“All test data are stored in a database and linked to the respective tiltrotator being tested. This gives us unique control and increased quality with the possibility of detailed followup if there are any discrepancies,” says Mats Erik Wiktorsson, Quality Manager for the Engcon Group.

Engcon is quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, which covers everything from how the company handles its clients, through documentation, processes and followup to pure product quality. In addition, Engcon’s activities hold environmental certification in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.

“The certifications are important for our credibility. We increase efficiency and quality through our quality work, which ultimately leads to better products that enhance customer profitability,” Mats Erik Wiktorsson concludes.

About Engcon
Engcon is the only company that manufactures a complete range of tiltrotators, quick couplers, control systems and tools for excavators in the 1.5-32 metric ton range. Engcon is a privately-owned Group  with its parent company, Engcon Holding AB, based in Strömsund, Sweden. In 2016, the Engcon Group achieved $90 million in sales with 200 employees.
In 2017, Engcon is establishing the company engcon North America Inc, in Connecticut and expanding its distribution and service network in the US and Canada. More at www.engcon.com/us.


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