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Engcon improves automatic coupling for hydraulic tools

Updated connector more durable, better protects from debris

Engcon, a 26 year old $90 million Swedish firm, has updated its fully hydraulic EC-Oil solution, which makes the safe automatic connection of hydraulic tools possible from the operator’s seat. The latest EC-Oil is a newly developed blade-type electrical connector with increased contact surfaces. It’s been moved to the top of the hitch to protect it better from oil and dirt.

EC-Oil’s new electrical connector has 12 sturdy pins (6+6) that make it even more durable than its predecessor. What’s more, the improved EC-Oil was rigorously tested during the winter of 2016-2017 with approximately 100,000 couplings in varied environments including dirt, saltwater and snow. The tests have made sure the improved EC-Oil can handle really tough working environments.

“The test results have been nothing but positive,” says John Lundqvist, test manager at Engcon’s R&D department in Strömsund. Sweden.

Unique wedge shape allows maximum contact

The pins in the connector are wedge shaped and, when connected, are inserted about 20 mm into the spring loaded female half. This provides a cleaning effect with maximum contact in every position, which reduces the risk of the machine losing electrical contact with the tool.

“We also want to emphasize just how robust EC-Oil hydraulic connections are,” says John Lundqvist, explaining that each movable part of the connector (female+male) has an O-ring seal that is easy to access, making maintenance simple. It’s also the only O-ring on EC-Oil; the connectors are instead sealed through their smart conical shape.

“The simple, robust design also makes EC-Oil the market’s best value for money solution for fully hydraulic couplers,” adds John Lundqvist.

Deliveries of the improved EC-Oil began in June 2017

The improved EC-Oil will be built into Engcon’s Q-Safe quick coupler in the sizes QS45, QS50, QS60, QS70 and QS80 for excavators from six to 33 metric tons. The QS60 were first with initial deliveries June 2017; the other sizes were introduced throughout the summer and autumn of 2017.


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