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Enerpac’s new Venturi valves speed up reaction time for single acting cylinders

MENOMONEE FALLS, WI — Enerpac introduces new Venturi valves, improving the reaction speed of single acting, spring and load return cylinders by up to three times.

Venturi valves create a vacuum-like effect in a pump system, drawing the oil from the cylinder and back to the pump’s reservoir at a much faster rate which increases the retraction speed of the plunger by up to three times. Venturi valves are available in both manual and electric configurations. Enerpac also offers retrofit kits for field installation on existing pumps for manual valves and solenoid operated valves.

“These new valves are used in many applications throughout the industry,” said Jay Baudhuin, Senior Global Product Manager-Pumps. “Some examples are assisting the return stroke of single acting cylinders in presses and plunger attachments and completely returning low-height high tonnage cylinders after lifting a bridge deck.”

Venturi valves are an excellent choice for improving the efficiency of high tonnage cylinders. The retraction speed for spring return models can be slower than desired. Once the load is removed from a load return cylinder, the plunger will not fully retract without additional equipment to force the plunger back into the base of the cylinder.


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