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Emerson delivers game-changing new LED solution for retrofitting high bay lighting in industrial Facilities

ROSEMONT, IL — Emerson is breaking barriers in the industrial lighting market once again with the new Appleton® Baymaster™ LED High Bay luminaire, featuring a patented Quick-Mount pendant system that makes it faster, safer and more cost-effective than ever to install high bay LEDs in harsh industrial and hazardous locations.

Emerson designed the Appleton Baymaster LED with the understanding that replacing traditional HID or flourescent high bays with energy-efficient LED technology can be costly and difficult. Because most high bay luminaries are heavy and in hard-to-reach locations, two or more people are required to perform installations, leading to increased labor costs. This installation expense slows return on a company’s LED investment.

In contrast, Emerson’s Appleton Baymaster significantly reduces labor costs with its low weight and timesaving Quick-Mount system. One electrician using standard tools is all that is required to pre-wire the mounting hood, line the arrows up, and lock the Baymaster into place.

Best-in-class lighting quality

Emerson’s Appleton Baymaster LED answers the need for improved lighting quality with unprecedented innovation and unique-to-industry design. Secondary optics help shape the Baymaster LED’s light to meet precise application needs, while eliminating glare and dark spots. With a choice of aisle, narrow, medium or wide beam spreads, it is now possible to offer optimal light distribution in challenging areas such as aisle ways and walkways. Its six lumen output levels (9500K to 38000K) and 5000K cool white or 3000K CCT warm white color options provide greater mounting height versatility and superior light quality wherever it is installed, making it an ideal replacement for HID high bay luminaires from 175W to 1500W.

Industrial-grade reliability

Emerson’s Appleton Baymaster LED delivers peace of mind even in the harshest industrial and hazardous locations. Since reliability is the key to lower maintenance costs, Emerson gave the luminaire unprecedented resistance to corrosion, vibration, surges, thermal shock, and moisture. Mounting hoods and bodies are forged from copperfree aluminum protected by a baked epoxy-clad finish, electrostatically applied for complete uniform protection. The result is an industrial LED rated for 84,000 hours with luminaire life that can exceed 200,000 hours depending on ambient temperature. Plus, unlike fluorescent alternatives, LED luminaires are instant-on, impervious to cold-start up, and do not fail prematurely due to frequent on-off cycling.

The luminaire’s robust enclosed and gasketed design ensures safe usage in areas where flammable gases and vapors may be present, or where dirt, dust, severe weather conditions, and high temperatures are encountered.

Unprecedented breakeven

By retrofitting traditional HID high bays with Baymaster LED luminaires a company can achieve breakeven on its lighting investment faster than ever before. Companies can expect a reduction in energy costs of approximately 65 percent, as well as significantly lower maintenance costs by eliminating lamp replacements. The Baymaster LED delivers far greater efficacy compared to traditional lighting sources, including fluorescent luminaire, the previous efficiency leader.

Emerson backs the Appleton Baymaster LED with a standard warranty of five years or an extended 10-year warranty when the luminaire is equipped with secondary optics and 10kV surge protection. A wide range of accessories are available.

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