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E-Z Drill releases dust collection cart for handheld drills

PERRY, OK — E-Z Drill, Inc., a concrete dowel drill manufacturer, has launched a dust collection cart that can be used with handheld drills. The system uses the same technology as E-Z Drill’s concrete dowel drill dust collection system. The new dust collection cart meets all engineering and control methods outlined in the OSHA Table 1 requirements for crystalline silica exposure, giving contractors peace of mind on any size project.

E-Z Drill introduced the new dust collection cart Jan. 17-20, 2017, at booth C4333 during World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

“Operator safety and comfort are the hallmarks of our business,” said Rick Walstad, E-Z Drill president and CEO. “We’re happy we can deliver those benefits to the handheld drill market.”

The dust collection cart gives contractors who use handheld drills an effective way to meet OSHA dust requirements. Operators also benefit from enhanced ease of use when moving the drill — they can simply set the drill on the cart and go.

The dust cart collection system weighs 215-pounds and uses the same air compressor as the drill, requiring just 40 additional cfm for operation. It effectively collects dust directly from the drilled holes and stores it in a collector.

E-Z Drill designed the cart with 20-feet of 2-inch dust collection hose and a shroud that goes around the bit to ensure the dust is collected at the point of drilling, maximizing the amount of dust the system captures and reducing operator exposure. It also enhances overall job site safety by preventing respirator issues on the job. The cart features two 600 millimeter filters to effectively trap dust particles.

For more information: E-Z Drill, 610 Cedar St., Perry, OK 73077. Call 800-272-0121, email , visit; or .



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