DSC Dredge announces spectacular innovations for the dredge industry

RESERVE, LA — DSC Dredge LLC has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing quality dredges, engineered to meet specific production needs. Based on individual analysis, DSC provides information allowing customers to select the best dredge class and size for their needs. In approximately 50 percent of the cases, DSC custom-builds and tailors the selected dredge for production, efficiency and the material being dredged. DSC’s robust engineering, design and automation departments established DSC Dredge as a world leader in customized dredging solutions. DSC Dredge offers outstanding service after the sale, including 24/7 access, even during holidays and weekends and DSC Dredge has the best 12-month new equipment warranty.

DSC’s design team listens to customers’ needs, examines the production goals and materials and continually imagines ways to improve dredge designs, production and efficiency. Further, DSC contributes to the dredging industry with its focus on education and training with Dreducation®.

Ongoing customer support and operations training are keystones of the DSC Dredge customer relationship.
When customers explained to DSC the value that increased production would mean to their bottom lines, a vision was imagined. DSC leads the way in dredging innovation and strives to be on the cutting edge of useful improvements that change the way dredging is performed. Through the years dredges change — DSC has helped make dredges and the dredging industry more automated and efficient and adapted these changes to work in tandem with other new technology.

In response to this particular request for increased production, DSC Dredge developed spectacular dredge industry innovations. This new dredge design includes two provisional patents: Walking carriages and wide format swinging ladder. DSC engineers imagined a dredge that continually moves forward without cables. This model is the first of a new design concept. This concept allows for continuous uninterrupted production representing timesavings, cost savings and safety advantages since the dredge moves without cables. This dredge recruits advantages from the DSC Shark Class Dredge and Barracuda Class Dredge features.

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