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Doosan Portable Power offers LED fixtures as option on select light tower models

STATESVILLE, NC — Doosan Portable Power has added light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures as an option for LSC, LS, L6 and L8 light tower models. LED fixtures are compatible with Doosan light towers and are available as a factory installed option or as an aftermarket retrofit kit.

LED fixtures deliver 50,000 hours of use, instant-on operation and significant fuel cost savings compared to traditional metal halide bulbs. While the initial cost of LED fixtures is greater than metal halide lights, the long-term cost benefits of LED fixtures are clear.

More hours, longer life cycle

Doosan LED fixtures are rated to perform 50,000 hours. In most instances, LED lamps won’t need to be replaced during the life cycle of the light tower, resulting in substantial savings in comparison to metal halide fixtures. Doosan LED fixtures also include a five year warranty.

Return on investment

Doosan LED fixtures are 50 percent more fuel efficient than metal halide lights. The fuel economy combined with the cost savings of lifetime lamps makes it possible for LED fixtures to deliver a return on investment within a handful of years.

Instant-on/instant-off operation

Doosan LED fixtures improve productivity with instant-on/instant-off operation. Work begins immediately. Compare that to traditional metal halide light fixtures that can take 15 to 20 minutes to reach full illumination and require a cooldown period before storage or transport.

More than light

Doosan LED fixtures use less than one kilowatt of energy. That leaves more auxiliary power available for operating handheld drills, saws or other electrical tools from a single light tower.

To view the Doosan Portable Power LED savings calculator, click here.

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