• Dig deeper and lift more with two new additions to the Doosan lineup

    Dig deeper and lift more with two new additions to the Doosan lineup

    Productive performance
    No matter what size machine you’re working with, power and productivity are a must. Though part of the mini excavator line up, the new DX42-5K and DX50-5K models have enhancements that make them feel anything but small.

    The DX42-5K and DX50-5K can lift heavier items and dig deeper thanks to some of their enhanced features. One is the dual-flange track roller system. The system complements the added counterweight and improves over-the-side digging and lifting. Lifting capability is also increased thanks to an integrated lift eye. This helps operators remove the bucket and makes craning and lifting easier. Operators will also feel the power and increase their run time from the 3-cylinder Doosan diesel engine.

    Owners can now worry less about transport too. The addition of two more tie-downs–now a total of six–help lock the machine in place and keep it secure.

    Convenient versatility
    The DX42-5K and DX50-5K mini excavators provide versatility to help you do more. Both compact machines can operate in tight conditions and make your job easier. An upgraded dozer blade helps make the machines stronger and easily sheds debris.

    Operators can access an easy-to-reach auxiliary hydraulic couplers located on the excavator’s arm. That way, there’s less time and hassle getting your machine and attachments ready.
    Add another attachment without disconnecting the hydraulic clamp hoses. It’s possible with a new optional hydraulic diverter valve. You can select to divert the flow to the clamp or other hydraulic attachment.

    Smart and spacious cab
    No matter how long your job will take, a comfortable and ergonomic cab is key. Operators will enjoy the work environment in the spacious cabs of the DX42-5K and DX50-5K. Operators can look forward to more foot room thanks to foldable pedals. A wider seat makes all-day work more comfortable. Not only is the space larger, but it’s smarter. Operators can access the easy-to-read 5-inch display to review machine data while working. To reduce strain, both models feature more responsive joysticks.

    Visibility is another high priority in these excavators. The cab features larger widows so operators can get a clear view of their surroundings and the task at hand.

    These new mini excavators come packed with quality parts that will keep up with you. From power and versatility to a quality cab, click to learn more about how the DX42-5K and DX50-5K are ready for your toughest jobs.

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