Cutting-edge Combo™ range boosts the bottom line

Cutting-edge Combo™ range boosts the bottom line

CDE Global is set to revolutionize the wet processing industry once more with the launch of the latest in its range of Combo™ all-in-one wet processing solution at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in March 2020.

The patented Combo™ – the world’s first all-in-one wet processing plant – was unveiled in Europe at bauma in April 2019. It was the first fully integrated, modular, patented turnkey materials wet processing and water management solution for the production of premium manufactured sands.

The latest model in the Combo™ range will have a number of soon-to-be-revealed enhanced features that have been specifically designed to enable operators in the Americas to capitalize on new opportunities.

Eoin Heron, business development director CDE North America, said: “At CDE, we are proud to deliver optimized operations for maximum yields and fast returns for our clients. Our high-performance solutions maximize resources and add huge commercial value to our customers’ enterprises, with the innovative Combo™ having led the way in a new era of wet processing.

“We are looking forward to launching the latest Combo™ model at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, directly to the very market that inspired it. This next generation plant will deliver significant commercial benefits while minimizing operational costs.”

CDE’s pioneering wet processing technologies enable greater production efficiency, increasing yield to maximize profit per ton, delivering a rapid return on investment.

Unrivaled fines separation and greater sand dewatering ensures sand and aggregates producers maximize yields with less than 15% moisture content creating a steady stream of revenue straight off the belts to command the highest possible market price.

Boosting profitability, CDE wet processing technology, including its patented Combo™ range, benefits from significant efficiency savings.

Lower power consumption complemented by industry-leading water treatment and management allows customers almost total independence of water supply with up to 90% of process water recycled for immediate re-use in the system – ideal for jurisdictions with limited resources or those with existing environmental or impending environmental legislation. Ensuring optimum uptime and productivity of CDE plant, enabling it to process higher volumes of feed material to accelerate return on investment.

Importantly, the Combo™ is portable and incorporates all five essential processes – feeding, sizing, sand washing, stockpiling and complete integrated water management – onto one compact and modular chassis. With a 30% reduced footprint compared to traditional setups it requires less civil expenditure & planning requirements. Customers do not need to invest in new equipment should their operations transfer to another site or remote location, and the small footprint ensures suitability for an urban market. The plant can also be positioned to produce sand closer to where concrete is required, resulting in significant cost savings in the transport of aggregates.

Kevin Vallelly, director of engineering at CDE, said: “The Combo™ is the first all-in-one materials processing system that accepts both natural sand and crushed rock feeds, giving our customers complete flexibility in the choice of the material they want to process depending on available reserves. Natural sand reserves are a finite resource and the CDE cyclone technology ensures that not one grain of valuable sand is lost to ponds. At CDE we are unlocking a New World of Resource, driving alternatives for sand production. Global demand for construction sand is more than 15 billion tons per year. We aim to give our clients full production flexibility through the delivery of customized and sustainable solutions, that not only meet their needs and make commercial sense.

“Having launched the Combo last year, we have further enhanced our game-changing technology to customize it to the American market. Delivering profitable material straight from the belt and minimizing operational costs, the Combo™ on display at CONEXPO-CON/AGG is the next phase in showcasing how CDE sand washing works. This industry leading technology is designed to unlock a New World of Resource, protect our environment and build the world of the future.”

For more information about CDE or the ComboTM, visit CDE at ConExpo 2020, where the team will be located at booth S-5435.

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