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Crushing and compacting in a single workstep: New vibration crusher drum for compactors in the HC series

Following the successful launch of the new compactors, Hamm is now offering models for countries with exhaust emission standard EU Stage V/EPA Tier 4f, which have been designed specifically to crush and compact rock and stone. The new models are available in countries with Tier 3 exhaust emission standard from the autumn of 2024. The benefits to construction companies are plain to see: Processes on the construction site can be streamlined by deploying VC compactors, because these reduce the work and expense needed for material preparation and transport. For customers, this means time, cost and CO₂ emissions are cut by up to 50% – depending on the application.

With the HC 250i C VC and HC 250 C VC models, Hamm is presenting new compactors for crushing and compacting stone – for markets with exhaust emission standard EU Stage V/EPA Tier 4f and for countries following exhaust emission standard Tier 3 (from autumn 2024).

 The HC 250 C VC (Tier 3) and HC 250i C VC (EU Stage V/EPA Tier 4f) compactors are able to crush and compact mixed soils, stones such as basalt and granite, and other construction materials with comparable pressure resistance in a single workstep. As with the predecessor series, this is indicated by the initials “VC” (Vibration Crusher) in the type designation. Featuring powerful Deutz engines and reinforced components around the front frame, 3-point articulation and the underbody, the new compactors are well-equipped for tough applications. The separate “C” in the type designation also symbolizes a reinforced drum drive, capable of inclines of up to 60%. The 25 t machines are supplied with heavy-duty tires for rocky terrain, driver’s cab and the Easy Drive operating concept all as standard. When it comes to comfort, operators will appreciate the seat with extended backrest, especially during tougher applications. An air-sprung driver’s seat can be selected as an optional extra.

New tool holder system for quick and simple changes

The VC compactors from Hamm are compatible with round-shank cutting tools for stone as well as heavy-duty cutting tools. Thanks to the simple design, no specialist tools are required to change attachments.

A highlight of the new VC compactors is the newly designed tool holder system. This is compatible with round-shank cutting tools for stone, as well as wear-resistant heavy-duty cutting tools with carbide tips and hard facing for abrasive stone or hard stone. The configuration of the tool holder system and the way the tool inserts attach have been designed to ensure assembly and removal are quick and easy with no need for specialist tools. This keeps maintenance and servicing costs low. Existing machines (H 25i VC/3625 VC) can also be fitted with the new-design tool holder system by switching the drum. Transport rings are available for easy transport.

Wide application spectrum

The new VC compactors are suitable for the widest-ranging applications. In addition to the customary crushing and compacting of geological material to create a stable substrate, the machines are also utilized to level rubble in landfill sites. The VC compactor can also be called upon for road planning works in tunnel building and surface mining sectors or to pre-crush and loosen stone. This takes a lot of hard work out of subsequent processes, such as layer-by-layer milling off.



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