• Cross Underground Development, LLC. converts fleet to Felling Trailers

    Cross Underground Development, LLC. converts fleet to Felling Trailers

    Cross Underground Development, LLC. is a Class A Specialty Contractor located in Chesapeake, VA specializing in the natural gas distribution industry. “We are a complete construction service provider; pipeline construction, maintenance, repairs, facility modification, and new construction,” said John Cross, president of Cross Underground. Like many others in the industry, Cross Underground’s fleet consists of various equipment, from excavators, backhoes, and horizontal drills to the trucks and trailers that move them. “We currently run 20 to 25 trucks daily, depending on the day. With trailers, we are around 20 and a wide variety of equipment consisting of excavators, backhoes, vac and horizontal directional drills,” said Cross.

    Cross Underground Development, LLC.’s fleet unit, truck, drill and trailer.

    Cross Underground acquired the first Felling trailers paired with horizontal directional drills. For Cross, like many others in the industry, the Felling HDD Series (horizontal directional drill) FT-20 I, and FT-24 I Drill Series (DS) trailers had what they needed; capacity, load-ability, safety and reliability. The trailers are built drill kit ready with steel mounting strips under the deck for mounting (elevated tank above the fender, drill rod storage, etc.), ramps mounted to one side (full-width ramp rod), and multiple tie-downs with key placements for safe transport of drills. John’s advice for anyone looking to purchase a trailer for their fleet, “understand and know what your needs are, now and moving forward. I love our Felling Trailers. All the trailers we have work every day with no problems. Felling is definitely a step above the competition because of the quality and customer service we’ve received,” said John.

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