• Corporate Compost Leadership Council driving USCC infrastructure development forward

    Corporate Compost Leadership Council driving USCC infrastructure development forward
    Raleigh, NC — The US Composting Council’s inaugural members of the Corporate Compost Leadership Council (CCLC), brand and consumer companies, are supporting compost industry efforts to develop the industry with nearly $50,000 in technical assistance and direct financial support in 2020, the USCC announced today.
    Chick-Fil-A, Clif Bar, Clorox Company, Club Coffee, Georgia Pacific, Mars, Natureworks, and Sabert Corporation have all contributed financial support to USCC and its Target Organics effort to widen access to commercial composting in the U.S., said Frank Franciosi, Executive Director.
    “These companies are assisting us by using their brand voices to amplify our call for more focus on private-partnerships, changes in government zoning and permitting policies, and other strategies to remove obstacles to addressing ‘compost deserts,'” areas where there is little or no organics recycling or compost facility, he said. “Not only are they using their dollars to help fund efforts such as an study to quantify the impact of growing our industry on nationwide economic development, but they are providing a feedback loop on how best to reach out to consumers, and policymakers with whom they interact.”
    Their efforts are helping USCC to grow composting Infrastructure by helping the organization shape consumer behavior about source separation of organics to take composting mainstream, encouraging municipalities to invest in composting programs, and supporting and promoting policy changes that de-bottleneck composting infrastructure growth.
    USCC interacts with representatives of member companies on a regular basis by facilitating discussions about obstacles to expanding access to composting, a top goal of USCC members. Meetings also focus on challenges the companies face in developing products and packaging that meets the standards of compost manufacturers for breakdown in the compost process.
    The companies will participate in a national messaging and publicity campaign, to be developed in 2021, by helping USCC tell stories about success in packaging design and consumer organics diversion, compost use and challenges to engage the public in the circular economy involving organics.
    For more information about the CCLC, visit this link or contact Frank Franciosi or Linda Norris-Waldt.

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