Contributing to environmental sustainability

Earth Day aims to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth’s environment. Rockster crushing and screening solutions support the well being of the planet by avoiding landfills through ecological material processing.

Recycling Plants Help Improve the Ecosystem

Thanks to Rockster crushing and screening plants, masses of construction waste, old asphalt, waste of metal production like slag, porcelain and many other materials can be crushed, screened and therefore reused as valuable raw material instead of ending up in landfills. Around one billion tons of material could have been professionally recycled with Rockster machines so far.

Lower CO2 Emissions through Mobility

The transport of waste causes air pollution and unnecessary costs occur. With the mobile crushing and screening plants of Rockster, recycling can take place on the spot and the final material can be immediately reused. For an even more transport-saving operation, Rockster developed the DUPLEX system. It combines two different crusher models in just one machine. Many customers use the Jaw crusher for primary crushing — for hard rocks or slag and change the crushing unit to the Impact crusher when they need finer, more specified final grain. Having two systems in one plant increases the machine utilization and reduces transport costs.

Technologies for Low Fuel Consumption

Rockster’s sophisticated hydrostatic drive system guarantees a constant crushing performance and the diesel engine stays within the optimum speed range. This helps reduce the diesel consumption per ton of produced material significantly. Moreover, with the worldwide unique parallel hybrid impact crusher Rockster developed a machine needing even less fuel because the power cap system can store electrical energy to manage demand peaks. This method assures a smooth and continuous production and saves up to 50 percent of fuel compared to regular diesel operated crushers.

Thanks to the growing environmental education and awareness of the importance of recycling, the demand for recycling products is increasing and Rockster is exactly on the right track with its energy saving, mobile crushing and screening plants.

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