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Continental Biomass Industries and Chappell Tractor partner up for live screw splitter demonstrations

Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) partnered with Chappell Tractor in Brentwood, NH for live screw splitter demonstrations ( at the 2017 Factory Forum.

George Whiteman wanted to purchase a CBI XLP Screw Splitter to expand the services he offered. He purchased a Hyundai 140 Excavator from Donnie Shepard of Chappell Tractor to mount the screw splitter. Aaron Benway, CBI Attachments Sales & Product Manager, sold the screw to George and worked with Chappell Tractor on the installation and setup of the CBI Screw Splitter.

“The screw has worked awesome,” Whiteman said. “We’ve had real good luck with it, even with the bigger logs breaking right apart. It will pick the logs up and move them around. I can get in and out of places much easier with it on a smaller machine. It makes life much simpler. The whole setup is very cost effective.”

Whiteman has a 20-ton tag along trailer that he moves the 30,000-pound excavator with. He says the XLP mounted on the 30,000-pound excavator is more than enough to lift, place, and split any of the material he encounters.

“It was great to work with both George and Donnie to ensure everything was setup properly so George could hit the ground running and be successful in his new venture,” said Benway. “Immediately upon picking up the machine, George was able to transport the machine to a project in Rhode Island to split oversized logs for a large mulch producing client.”

Chappell Tractor also supplied a Takeuchi TL12V2 Track Skid Steer for CBI to mount an XP Screw Splitter with its universal skid steer quick-attach mounting plate. After hooking up the quick-disconnect hydraulic hoses and setting the machine to low-flow mode—within minutes–the screw operated flawlessly for guests at the CBI Factory Forum.

Benway appreciated the cooperation and camaraderie between Donnie Shepard and the Chappell Tractor team in both the sale of the screw and installation.



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