• Construction Appreciation Week celebrates the contribution
of men and women in the construction industry

    Construction Appreciation Week celebrates the contribution
of men and women in the construction industry

    I Build America spearheads second annual observance slated for Sept. 16 – Sept. 20

    SUGAR LAND, TX  — The construction industry is vital to American infrastructure and the economy, which is why I Build America is declaring Sept. 16-20 as Construction Appreciation Week for the second consecutive year.

     “Construction positively impacts the lives of Americans every day, from the buildings we work in, to the hospitals where we receive health care to the roads we travel on and the homes we live in,” said Susanna Jakubik, marketing manager for I Build America, an organization dedicated to promoting the value of the construction industry. “It’s only fitting that a week be set aside to celebrate and recognize the millions of men and women who have chosen construction as their career path and how this work creates a wide variety of jobs across the United States.”

    According to the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), a leading association for the construction industry and an I Build America partner, the construction industry has more than 680,000 employers with seven million employees and creates $1.3 trillion worth of structures each year.

    The construction industry offers a rewarding career path for a variety of people, including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, accountants, project managers, construction software specialists, business owners and more. These professionals take pride in the construction of solid infrastructure, ensuring that roads are safe, businesses thrive, and that families have beautiful houses to come home to.

    Construction Appreciation Week aims to inspire a national conversation about construction and how it enhances our lives. The week’s activities include social media campaigns and national contests.

    I Build America is asking for support by:

    • Posting construction photos on social media using the hashtags #ThanksForBuilding and #ConstructionAppreciationWeek
    • Sharing official Construction Appreciation Week videos, stories and graphics on social media:
    • Encouraging participation in national Construction Appreciation Week contests:

    The Building America Together Contest: Tell us why you appreciate a construction professional and you could win a $200 Amazon gift card. This contest begins at 12 a.m. Sept. 2, 2019 and ends at 11:59 on Sept. 13, 2019.

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