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Concrete piling saw scores evenly to speed top removal

A pneumatic saw and track system that provides a consistent cut all around a piling for removing the top and casing, or removing old piles, has been introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, MA.

The MILLHOG® APS-438 Air Powered Saw features a 14” fiberglass blade and when coupled with the firm’s WrapTrak® System provides a consistent cut around virtually any size piling to allow for a clean top separation.  Designed to permit faster pile cutting while minimizing operator fatigue, the saw and track system provides an efficient way to score pilings and prepare them for trimming without damaging the reinforcing bars.


Supported by the track and not the operator, the MILLHOG® APS-438 Air Powered Saw mounts by a trolley to the WrapTrak® System which comes in sizes that can fit piles up to 72” dia.  Easy to control, the 3-HP APS-438 Air Powered Saw operates on 90 psi shop air @ 80 CFM and has a safety relief valve that prevents running at excessive speed.


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