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Compact, rubber tire paver offers maneuverability, performance power

CHATTANOOGA, TN — The Roadtec RP-170e is a rubber tire 8-foot highway class, asphalt paver. The machine features a 6-foot, 4-inch wheelbase designed to offer greater maneuverability without sacrificing performance in traction or pushing power. The hopper width is 10-foot, 5-inches with a 11.5 ton capacity.

The smallest machine in the Roadtec paver line, the RP-170e rubber tire asphalt paver is designed to offer better maneuverability, ride quality and traction. Two large rear drive tires are steered by two tandem bogie assemblies, and the offset bogie assemblies to increase the ground pressure gradually. Dry disc brakes on both wheels, hydraulic braking, and a parking brake are designed to provide precise control during operation.

Featuring a tight turning radius of 30-inches, the 174 hp RP-170e is expected to perform well in congested sites and space restricted urban areas. The machine is designed for managing tight spots around barriers and drains. With the narrow shipping width of 10-foot, 6-inches, the RP-170e is designed for quick and easy transportation between job locations.

The RP-170e contains Roadtec’s exclusive anti-segregation design, which now includes larger 16-inch diameter augers. The auger assembly can be hydraulically raised, lowered, or tilted. This feature can assist in eliminating segregation in certain mixes and is designed to be helpful during the loading and unloading process, as well as with constructing HMA Superpave mixtures. Standard sonic feed sensors control each side of the feed system

Dual operator stations hydraulically swing out beyond the sides of the machine, allowing the operator a clear line of sight down the side of the machine, back to the screed and down to the material tunnel. On the fly responsiveness is designed to allow the operator to be in the best position while paving, but move when encountering trees or other obstacles.

The company’s new Comfort Drive™ operator system embodies the latest in ergonomic design and unobstructed views. Fingertip controls with user friendly switch and button placements on the armrest are designed for operator comfort, even through long shifts. A tilt steering wheel controls the rubber tires.

As with all Roadtec pavers and MTVs, the Roadtec RP-170e rubber tire paver features the FXS fume extraction system for the operator area. The FXS system uses two fans to draw any fumes emitted by the asphalt mix away from the operator. Fumes and exhaust are directed through vents at the front of the engine hood. This large amount of air moving over the hopper is designed to keep the platform fume free and cooler.

The cooling package on the Roadtec RP-170e paver is mounted on the side, where it can receive the cleanest and coolest air. Also access doors allow for improved air flow. The radiators are rated for higher horsepower engines and the fan is controlled hydraulically. The fan can run at the optimal speed depending on the load, which reduces noise levels emitted by the paver.

The machine can accommodate a variety of screed options to match paving needs. Through partnership with Carlson screeds, Roadtec offers the EZ-IV and EZ-V front mount screeds. The machine can also be paired with Roadtec designed S-8 standard wedge lock screed or the Eagle 8 rear extendable screed. Every screed option is electrically heated and vibratory. Every screed comes with the backing of Roadtec Service.

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