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CIR Additive System for Materials Blending in Pavement Rehab

The Roadtec CIR Additive System is used in the cold-in-place recycling of asphalt pavement in the repair and rehabilitation of asphalt paved roads. The system is used to transfer, measure, and inject either emulsion or foamed asphalt to the cutter housing of the milling machine. The additive is then thoroughly blended with the milled material and transferred for paving.

Roadtec cold-in-place recycling (CIR) equipment makes it possible to repair damage to a roadway in one single pass, while reusing up to 100 percent of the existing material. Savings potentials are expected to be significant, not only through reuse of material, but also by reducing equipment requirements, and through time savings.

The CIR process removes a portion of an existing asphalt pavement by milling to a depth of two to four-inches, and then repaving it with reworked asphalt mix with additives. As the name implies, CIR is accomplished without heating the asphalt mixture, before or after placement. Depending on the structural requirements of the overall pavement and its intended use, the CIR typically receives a wear course such as a chip seal or HMA overlay to complete the road before returning it to traffic. Single unit systems do not include a method of screening and crushing.

Mounted to the rear of the milling machine, the CIR Additive System is the same width as the mainframe of the milling machine.

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